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Good MMO's never die

ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 14,508

They say a good MMO never dies, well that’s very true on Take Star Wars Galaxies, it closed last year (total coincidence SWTOR was coming out) in December. But its forum does not show it has closed. Not even the blurb under each forum name shows it is no more.


You have to wonder, how many more on the game list are now defunct? We need a separate forum for old MMO’s like there is one for up and coming MMO’s.

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  • PhryPhry Member LegendaryPosts: 11,004

    Considering SWG only had at peak, around 250,000 subs, it did become something of a 'cult' game, or at least, with everything that happened to it, after all, after the NGE, the game struggled to even maintain 40,000 subs, but the controversy this caused, in gaming, in the media even, meant that 'everyone' heard about it.

    SWG may live on, in players memories for sure, but, the game their remembering isnt the game that was closed down, at least for the most part, the SWG that is 'kept alive' is really the game before the NGE was released, it was this 'ghost game' that haunted the NGE and possibly LA/SOE until its closure, although 'until' is probably a bit prematureimage


    For me though i'd say EQ1, it was my first 'real' MMO and where i joined a guild, members of which im still in touch with through other games, the game was very gear and level orientated, but, some of them were so hard to acquire that obtaining them could often be the focus of several days, if not weeks, gameplay image

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