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You staff shuld update the RO page more often....


i looked in your RO page qite alot of tiems already

n also gave u guys update

but still

u staff dun update

well heres a BIG update i hope u guy will put on it

its bout the implentation of Comodo n alot of ppl is waitng for it

and i just think that itz a critical up date

heres the new:

**********Comodo is coming to Chaos & Loki!***********

Attention iRO Users,

 This is an important announcement concerning Comodo.
During the server maintenance period, we will be
implementing all aspects of Comodo to Chaos and Loki servers.
Server maintenance will begin at 9:00PM PST (21:00)
until 11:00PM PST (23:00).
Get ready to enjoy this great Island of Illusion!
For more information related to our Comodo release,
please visit: for details.

iRO GM Team

Gravity Interactive LLC.

(updated : Sep 05,2003 PST)


heres teh one u guy didnt put up...:


*****************Kafra Image Contest**********************

Hello, this is the iRO GM Team.

The iRO GM Team would like to invite all Ragnarok Online
users to participate in our new event!

We are offering our users a unique opportunity to change
the images of the Kafra Assistants...literally!
From September 1, 2003 to September 14, 2003, we will be
accepting submissions to change the image of the various
Kafra Assistants in every town!  The new Kafra images will
be available to everyone in game from September 15, 2003
to September 28, 2003! 
For more detailed information, please visit
There will also a new pop-up advertisement celebrating
this new event!

Show the entire iRO community your creative talent and
change the look of the Kafra Assisantseverywhere!

Thank you for your support!

iRO GM Team,

Gravity Interactive LLC.

(Updated : August 31, PST)

***************Regarding Unofficial Announcement**********

Dear Users,

We would like to remind you that official Gravity Interactive
LLC. announcements are only made on our official website. 
Official announcements are posted on the front page¡¯s notice
board and in green on both the Free BBS as well as the Bug
Report Board. 
Any posts that do not fall under these criteria are
unofficial and may be disregarded.

Gravity Interactive LLC. does not make official announcements
on either official or non-official fansites,
unless previously posted as an official announcement
on our website.  Announcements that are not posted on our
website are considered un-official and or false.

Thank you,

iRO GM Team,
Gravity Interactive LLC.

(notice updated on August 25,2003)


*****************Comodo Clarification************

Greetings iRO users,

This announcement is regarding certain information
regarding the Comodo update. 
It has come to our attention that unconfirmed
information has been circulated regarding plans
for the Comodo release.  We strongly urge users
to understand that outside announcements and information
regarding iRO content and features are unconfirmed
unless otherwise stated by an official announcement
on our official International Ragnarok Online website.

The following information is regarding iRO plans
for the Comodo update on all servers.

1. Stat point, Skill point, Zeny, or Character
   wipes/resets will not occur on any of our game servers.
2. Upgraded weapons and armor, items with card inserts,
    etc. will not be removed or modified in any way.

We hope this has cleared up some of the issues and
confusion within our community.
Thank you.

iRO GM Team,
Gravity Interactive LLC.
(notice updated on August 23, 2003)


*****Comodo Update announcement***************

Attention all iRO players,

This announcement is concerning the comodo
On the 26th of August, 23:00 (PST), we will
be implementing the Comodo update on our
Sakray server. After testing is completed for
Comodo on Sakray, Comodo will be implemented on
all servers. Players who are interested in testing
our Comodo content before it is added to lal iRO
servers can play on the Sakray server.
For all Comodo features and content, we have added
a Comodo section located under the feature section
of our site.
Please read the changes and features that have been
added to iRO with the Comodo update.
Thank you.

iRO GM Team,
Gravity Interactive LLC.
(notice updated on August 23, 2003)

***********Website Open************************

Hello, this is the iRO GM Team.

We would like to sicnerely apologize
for the inconveniences the recent web server
maintenance has caused. 
It came to our attention that there was a system
error on our web server, forcing us to shut
down the web servers for emergency maintenance. 
We are glad to inform you that the error has been
fixed, allowing us to reopen our website and
resume services via the web. 
We would like to thank all of our
International Ragnarok Online fans and customers
for being patient during this period. 
We assure you that we,
here at Gravity Interactive LLC,
are constantly working to provide
quality service to everyone.
Thank you for your support.

iRO GM Team,

Gravity Interactive LLC.

***********Attention all iRO Users****************

This is an official announcement to clear up
any misunderstandings with recent issues
concerning game play and game servers.
It has come to our attention that many users
have been curious about our status of the Comodo
Since no official release date has been set for Comodo,
please keep in mind that information outside of iRO
official announcements do not represent the current
state of iRO.
Comodo is currently in development and is being
worked on to eventually be added to iRO,
we would like to make sure the majority of
possible bugs and in-game problems with Comodo
are fined tuned so that players will have a
positive and enjoyable experience when its released.
Please remember we are working hard to update iRO with
new content as fast as possible,
and with as little problems as possible.
Thank you.

At this time, no account character roll back
has been issued for Ragnarok.
Please understand that account character roll backs
are official announcements,
and will not be announced in game before the ladder.
Character roll backs are considered a worst case solution,
and will only annouce them on our official website.
As many have read and already know there was an large
increase of Cards, both rare and semi-rare,
obtained illegally, into the Loki economy.
We have worked on many solutions to minimize
the effect this will have on the Loki economy,
and as well not to upset the balance in-game.
Due to this incident the following items will
be removed from characters on the Loki server during
tonight(August 5 PST)'s maintenance period.

Vitata Cards
Mistress Cards
Baphomet Cards
Whisper Cards
Skel Worker Cards
Slotted Gemmed Sallet

To compensate for the removing of these items
we will implement the Stat Reset NPC on all three servers.
This NPC will charge 200,000z for a Stat Reset. The NPC
will remain on all three servers till August 12th, 2003,
this will end during next weeks maintenance period.
We apologize for the delaying of this message to our users,
but we needed the time to consider all of the options
as well as give the users the best solution.
We ask that you please understand that this was
determined as the best possible solutions for you.
Thank you for your understanding.

iRO GM Team,
Gravity Interactive LLC.

***********Website Open Notice********************

Hello, this is the iRO GM Team.
We would like to inform you that we finally opened
our website and payment page by yesterday,
(August 3, Sunday PST).
Users can pay their accounts or modify account
information on the website.
Thank you for your support and patience.

iRO GM Team,
Gravity Interactive LLC.

******Event Bug - Payon Kafra*********************

Hello, this is the iRO GM Team.
We found out a small bug on the payon kafra,
which users can't use a teleport service from
Payon to Morroc.
We will try to fix this bug as soon as we can.
Thank you for your understanding.

iRO GM Team,
Gravity Interactive LLC.

******Special Summer Event Information*************

Hello, this is iRO GM Team.

The following information are details concerning
the two special events created especially for
iRO users.
We hope this information will be helpful for users
who wish to partake in these special events.

1. Free Special Kafra Service
    - Several Kafra Ladies in selected major towns
      will provide you 2 kinds of different free services.
      Users can completely restore their HP/SP through
      the Kafra Ladies.
      Users can also use free the teleport service
      through the Kafra Ladies as well.

2. Slotted Sunglasses Quest
    - There will be 2 NPCs located somewhere in Alberta
      and in the Sograt Desert.
      The first one will lead you to next NPC who
      will actually produce the Slotted Sunglasses.
      Both NPCs will require certain items for the quest.

Both events will be begin from 15:00, July 31 and
will be ended at 15:00,August 8(PST).

Thank you.

iRO GM Team,
Gravity Interactive LLC.

***Apology for the unexpected server maintenance***

Hello, this is iRO GM Team.

First of all, we deeply apologize to all of our users
for the extreme inconvenience we caused you
from 02:00 July 30 to 17:00 July 30 (PST)
by the unexpected server maintenance enforcement.
We were forced to shut down the servers at that
time due to an unexpected system error with
the billing system and the account server.
[Please be aware that no data was lost from this incident,
and there will be no rollbacks.]
As compensation for the unexpected server maintenance,
we will be holding two special events only available
to iRO users. These events are:

1.Kafra Free Service
   - Users will be able to restore Full HP/SP through Kafra
     ladies, and this service will be free of charge.
   - Users will be able to use free warps through Kafra
     ladies, and this service will be free of charge.
2.Slotted Sunglasses Event
   - A new item quest will be implemented for this event.

For detailed information concerning these special events,
please refer to our official website when it is re-opened.
The web server will be open again at 19:00 July 30(PST).
Once again, we deeply apologize for causing our users this
inconvenience this time, and we will try to provide you
better service from now on.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

iRO GM Team,
Gravity Interacitve LLC.

**********Time Gap Error Resolution******************

Hello, this is iRO GM Team.

The GM Team has received numerous reports from our
users on the 'Time Gap error disconnect. 
After experiencing similar problems ourselves,
we have experimented with a couple different scenarios. 
The results of our inquiry revealed that this problem
is caused by a fault in the system NIC (network
interface card).  For users who are experiencing this
problem, we recommend to update the drivers for
your NIC at the manufacturer's website. 
In many cases, the culprit hardware turned out to
be an integrated NIC included on the mainboard of the system. 
This may require that you receive a packaged update for
the entire mainboard drivers.  We apologize for not
addressing this issue sooner and thank our users for their
patience.  We at Gravity Interactive, LLC. will continue
to strive toward becoming a better provider to our users.

iRO GM Team
Gravity Interactive, LLC.

**********Falsified Hacked Reports*************************

Hello, this is the iRO GM Team.

This notice is regarding falsified hack reports.
We have increased our punishment for hack reports that
are falsified.
Any user submitting a false hack report will suffer
the following punishment.

- 10 Day Suspension (first offense)
- Account ID Deletion (second offense)

Any user assisting with a false hack report will
suffer the following punishment.

- 3 Day Suspension (first offense)
- 5 Day Suspension (second offense)
- 10 Day Suspension (third offense)

We will not tolerate false hacked account reports.
Please understand that when submitting any hacked account report.
Once a report is submitted accounts found to be involved in
any hack report will suffer the punishment deemed appropriate
by our GM Team.

iRO GM Team,
Gravity Interactive LLC.

**********Password Security Issue*************************

Hello, this is the iRO GM Team.

We would like to remind our users about the importance of
choosing a proper password for your accounts, and keeping
these passwords safe. We have noticed that some users
are using passwords that are extremely easy to guess
or break into, and we would like to ask all of our users
to be sure to follow these guidelines.

1. When creating a password, be sure to use upper and
   lowercase letters, numbers, and regular keyboard
   symbols such as - _ ! # and so on.
   However, do not use the apostrophe or quote character,
   or international characters, as these will cause
   problems with your password.
2. Please never ever re-use old passwords.
3. Please change your password at least once per month.
4. Please do not share your passwords with any individuals,
   family, friend, or otherwise.

   *Remember that you are fully responsible for anything that
   is done with your account, regardless of whether it was
   you or your little brother or cousin playing.
5. Do not download any 3rd party or 'helper' programs unless
   linked to by our site.
   Many of these programs contain keyloggers and trojans.
   If you have a 3rd party program which you believe would
   help users and does not go against our terms of service
   or rules, please inform us thereof via the GM Mailing service
   so we can add your link to our list of fansites.

We hope our users will take these guidelines to heart, for
their own safety.
Please remember, it is the responsibility of the user to have
a strong password and to protect that password.
We thank you for your continued support,
and wish you the best in your adventures.
Thank you.

iRO GM Team,

Gravity Interactive LLC.
**********3-days Free Trial Service Start*****************

To our international Ragnarok Online Community,

In response to popular demand, we are glad to inform you
that we will be offering free 3 day trial periods
for new registering users. 
Beginning July 22nd at 11PM (PST), all new users can get
a glimpse of the Rune-Midgard world
and the International Ragnarok Online community.
We would like to invite those who wanted to try
International Ragnarok Online, and anyone who is interested
- family, friends, relatives, neighbors, etc -
to utilize this option in getting a feel of International
Ragnarok Online. 
Thank you for your continuous love and support. 
We hope you enjoy International Ragnarok Online
and join us in the quest of Rune-Midgard!

*********Bug Update Information**************************

The following is an explanation/report on a few common
bug reports we have been receiving:

1)Cute Pet disappearance.

Cute pets are still monsters and very sensitive to
being domesticated.  They must be fed often and given
much attention to keep them domesticated as pets. 
Even when logging off the game, owners should be
sure to leave after satisfying their Cute Pet's needs.

2)Falcon damage has changed.

Previous to the update the falcon damage bug came
to our attention.  The falcon damage was affected by
the Character's weapon and weapon enhancements
(+x, cards, etc.).  After the update the Falcon damage
is affected by only the INT of the character.
3)Adrenaline Rush Bug Fix.

The "Adrenaline Rush" skill of the Blacksmith previous
to the update affected all members of the party,
regardless of the character¡¯s weapon choice. 
Normally Adrenaline rush should only affect those characters
using an Axe or Mace.  This bug was addressed during the update. 
The "Adrenaline Rush"  skill of the Blacksmith now only
affects those using an Axe or Mace.

Thank you for your support and understanding. 
We will continue to strive to create a more enjoyable
Ragnarok Online for our users.  We understand that
all our Bug Fixes may not make our users happy. 
However, in order to maintain a fair and enjoyable
game environment of all of our users,
we must follow with our commitment to make
a better Ragnarok Online for all of our players. 
Thank you once again for your continued support
of Ragnaork Online.

iRO GM Team,
Gravity Interactive LLC.



  • SatansDiscipleSatansDisciple Member Posts: 2,782

    new longest post ever!

    "This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind...let it be something good."
    - Unknown Author


  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460
    naw i remember one was bloody long, i dont htink anyone read it


  • DesperadoDesperado Member Posts: 467

    Originally posted by aznrex

    i looked in your RO page qite alot of tiems already
    n also gave u guys update
    but still
    u staff dun update
    well heres a BIG update i hope u guy will put on it
    its bout the implentation of Comodo n alot of ppl is waitng for it
    and i just think that itz a critical up date
    heres the new:
    I barely understood what this was saying and I really want to flame it because of the absolutely piss-poor way it was typed.  But that would be mean...
    and I'm not a mean person...
    so I won't flame this crap.

    "A good man knows his limits, a Great man knows he has none...."

    "A good man knows his limits, a Great man knows he has none...."

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