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How is UO?

daveospicedaveospice Member UncommonPosts: 357
I played up until they made the items Diablo 2 esk...  how is UO?  Is it any good anymore?  DId the samurai expansion improve the game or make it worst?  How about the elf expansion?

I'm just curious... i loved uo back in the day.


  • rerardrerard Member Posts: 12
    Im curious too, I havent played it in about 5 years but im thinking about coming back. It seems like the more new MMRPG's come out the worse they get. All the focus is on graphics and fancy stuff rather than just plain quality gameplay.
  • galefan2004galefan2004 Member Posts: 127

    I know not of which you speak...what is UO? UO died long ago. What is left is a shell of UO mixed with SIMs and Diablo2 and soon WoW. If you want to play a game just like UO after ML comes out play WoW. The game sucks now. Everything is unbalanced and getting worse. In the past 2 months alone EA has done enough damage to its player base that if it was any other company with any other product it would be filing bankruptcy due to lack of buyers.

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