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PainlezzPainlezz Member UncommonPosts: 646

Not talking about the game, because I can't play.. Why?


Let me tell you!  I've spent the past 30 minutes resetting my password trying to get access to my account. 

Epic Failures by the Perfect World Web Team:

- Resetting password doesn't provide any feedback if the password you entered isn't valid.  The screen just refreshes.  Once you enter a password they will accept it finally says password is reset (I believe passwords require several different things to pass).

- Every single screen uses scrambled image text to validate login.  This is just bad.  This is common practice for low quality sites, this does not look good...

- Resetting password doesn't appear to work at all?

- Resetting password takes how long to actually work?  I assume if the reset is working at all then it must take a while before servers get the new password?

- I remember finally getting logged in a few weeks ago and I had to create a SECOND account with some other company?  I never made it past this point because every standard account name I selected was already taken or otherwise invalid...


Never had this much trouble getting signed up on a website EVER in my life.  Probably 100's of free 2 play games under my belt and not one has been this horrid just trying to get signed up....


  • SilverdaggerSilverdagger Member UncommonPosts: 119

    That kind of reminds me when I tried signing up for America's Army a couple months after it opened.  I started out trying a login name I could easily remember, no luck - all were taken.  Tried tossing on some extra numbers, again no luck.  I finally gave up and mashed the keyboard - the resulting mess was accepted and I was in!  And shortly thereafter I was in the brig cooling my heels for insubordination. :-/

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