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New players UNITE!

daveospicedaveospice Member UncommonPosts: 357

I want to try this game out.  I was wondering if anyone else wants to try it with me?  Since it seems traveling in a group might be a good idea, given the number of trolls that tend to surface in a game like this?


  • GoddwynnGoddwynn Member Posts: 49

    I will

  • daveospicedaveospice Member UncommonPosts: 357

    I'm on the Affliction Server (Horde of the Summons) and my name in game is jonsnow.  If i'm not on you can ask to join the "Winterfel" deed and see if anyone is on that can assist you.  :)  Welcome aboard to Wurm!  It's a lot of fun so far!  We just started though.

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