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Best Customer Support Team!

I've been playing this game since the 2nd closed beta testing and continue to now that its released. Since then the staff has been welcoming all players feedbacks..bugs..hack reports...pretty much everything. You know that they really care about what us players think when they give you a personal response (no auto reply crap) and actually give results in the updates. I like seeing them in the game too...they keep a friendly, hackfree, imagefree environment.

Hopefully this is a new game afterall. Keep up the good work! I look forward to getting my fire dragon soon.

rode ftw! image



  • avaliceheartavaliceheart Member Posts: 24

    I agree.  Most games I play, literally, the support takes a long time to respond.  And okay, I know F2P games generally don't have the best support, but it literally take days.  Sometimes the Gms event tell me to go find the answer on the forums. Which is so upsetting, but so far my experience has been great with rode.  my ticket actually got answered in like 30 minutes, which is a record time for me.

    I hope that they keep this up. they're so friendly and helpful, and i hope they won't turn out like other mmo companies.

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