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You owe it to yourself to try Entropia Universe. Video.

unclemounclemo Member UncommonPosts: 462



Let's face it.  2010 and 2011 have pretty much sucked for new MMO's.  I've always wanted to try EU and I'm glad I finally did.  I haven't had that 'must play' feeling since my DAOC days.


Anyways, check it out and post questions.  


  • wyldmagikwyldmagik Member UncommonPosts: 516

    Most would play it, but its obviously a game more tailored to those with a fair bit of spare wonga, and lets face it the average gamer might I guess not have that much to spare the way the world is these days..

    I dont mind hard effort in a mmo, do like that achievement feeling, if one is to grind for those lowly money rewards ingame and then invest but its a time sink on a different scale this one :)

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