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New Shadow Bane Lore Server

ZerackusZerackus Member UncommonPosts: 47

 The Shadow Bane Lore Server is almost upon us, the server that is breathing life back into SB. The new rule sets are in place. no cross teaming, no cross buffing..different safe zones. Each charter is different, so no masses of Dwarf Priests.


Come back and take a look at the new a lot of the old guilds are back for this server. It opens at the end of this Month.

Zerackus the Bane
Son of Myrkul
Undead Lords


  • MarkuMarku Member Posts: 452

    I look forward to this new server, tons of guilds are coming back and are recruiting, check out for the guilds in recruiting forum.


  • IijsIijs Member Posts: 457

    Are they allowing transfers, or is it a new-character server only?

  • flea1flea1 Member Posts: 250

    its new chars server.

    Should be on test next week. Get involved people and test it. Only way things can be fixed is if we find problems.


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  • KetuKetu Member Posts: 9

    Any links to the new ruleset?


  • emkeyemkey Member Posts: 2

    No character-transfers allowed! The good thing also is, that a "small" vorringia mapset is used ... much more interesting, then the big Dalgoth mapset!

  • Edward78Edward78 Member Posts: 245

    I am coming back once the lore server opens.

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