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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition To Cost Less Than $10, Enhanced BG II Coming

firefly2003firefly2003 Member UncommonPosts: 2,527

If you're worried that the upcoming Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for iPad will have a massive price to match its epic size, worry not. Apparently the game will be less than $10.

This happy news comes via Kotaku, who also report that the Enhanced Edition will support co-op multiplayer, a feature of the original that has been long-forgotten in many modern computer RPGs. Despite the game's size, Beamdog COO Cameron Tofer says that charging more than $10 "doesn't make sense."

If that's not enough to make the computer RPG fans in the audience cheer, Tofer also confirmed earlier reports that Beamdog is simultaneously working on an enhanced version of Baldur's Gate II for the iPad. BG II: Enhanced Edition is also expected to be out this year.


  • JenuvielJenuviel Member Posts: 960

    The best parts of the game distilled down to 37 seconds: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ozv1RcQJAHA  image


    EDIT: That image can't possibly be from the enhanced version, though. It looks worse than the screenshots from the "classic" version currently available at Good Old Games. It seems more likely that the article in question just ripped bad screenshots from the older version due to a lack of updated images.

  • DOGMA1138DOGMA1138 Member UncommonPosts: 476

    iPad? bleh, some one should nuke that cult allready, bring on the PC plox...


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