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pyrofreakpyrofreak Member UncommonPosts: 1,481

This is probably going to fall under the "Do Not Discuss Moderation" clause everyone has going on. But can we please bring back the old gigantic







Now with 57.3% more flames!


  • Man1acMan1ac Member Posts: 1,428

    Dunno why peeps complain about mods on the forum, use a different forum to discuss politics or religion. Nothing special about the community to discuss these issues or funnily enough MMOs too, unless an MMO is completely bug free, gets delivered to you personally by a model from vogue wearing a swimsuit if you ordered it online, has absolutely no grind and is perfect in every single way, it's not worth playing, is kinda the attitude I've noticed on here these days.

    We're all Geniuses. Most of us just don't know it.

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