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LF F2P mmo with decent cash shop

Johny888Johny888 Member Posts: 30

Hello I've been searching for an mmo to hold me till GW2 comes for ages.. I want a free to play mmorpg but I know that paying some money is a necessity or else you just get what you pay for... nothing.But Im looking for a game where you dont have to pay crazy money for upgrading your armor.. like most asian games where just getting a decent weapon costs you like 100 dollars and then a new expansion comes out and you have to dish out another 150 dollars just to be competetive because there are new lvl 150 weapons because thats just ridiculous.

I prefer fantasy genre.. I want the game to have some decent pvp and to not be too grindy and have a nice community.Thanks for any suggestions :)


  • omega78omega78 Member UncommonPosts: 260

    Well, if you don't mind paying a bit, I'm talking something around 10-20 dollars (if that) Mabinogi may work. It is fantasy, and quite fun. I'll get into the game details in a sec though and explain the Cash Shop first.

    There is only one thing that you will virtually need to get from the cash shop, and that is a mount. It really does make travel easier, and it can store some items. Mounts are usually 7-8 dollars per, but the reason I said 10-20 is onyl because if you enjoy the game you will most likely invest in getting one for ground travel and one for flying in the newer areas. Other than that, the cash shop sells simplistic things.

    Dyes that are used to recolor clothing/armor, they sell for a hefty sum to fashion addicts. Your usual gachapons, and somethings that make the game slightly easier, like a one use aoe revive feather, a one use feather to revive people in other areas, and a one use item that revives you with full hp/blessings. Nothing game breaking.

    In terms of upgrading the game sells items that undo certain special upgrades for weapons so you can try again, but other than that all upgrading items are found in game.

    There are 4 combat styles available, but you can be anything you want. A Warrior that is also adept in magic, or archery. An Alchemist that falls back on his spells, or any combo of the 4 styles, Warrior, Mage, Archer and, Alchemist. 

    You can rebirth each time you hit the age of 20, you age one year each week, so ideally, rebirthing to 17 allows you to do so again in three weeks. Rebirthing resets your level but not your skills, so you keep all skill related stat boosts. If you buy a character card each week though, you can rebirth every week. 

    If you feel iffy on playing, give it a try. As a new character when you select your destinty (a frame for your skill set, ie Warrior destiny makes melee skills train faster and the STR stat increases more on leveling) you get a pretty good newbie weapon/armor and title AND you can rebirth everyday until total level 100. Not to mention, you get a free horse for one week, so why not give it a try? I wish you luck if you do ^^ The combat is an enjoyable experience indeed, and should prove refreshing.

    I wish you luck in your endeavors.


  • RZetlinRZetlin Member UncommonPosts: 134

    I second Mabinogi.

    I have been playing the game for over 2 years I still like the game.

    The Cash element is not enough to ruin the game but it helps makes doing task easier (E.g. pets for storage and fighting).

  • Johny888Johny888 Member Posts: 30

    Mabinogi sounds good... I wanted to try the game before but the graphics I have seen in youtube reviews always acted as a big turn off for me.. dont get me wrong I have played games wth really bad graphics and enjoyed them but I just cant stand the ever-present greyish fog and really wierd animations I have seen in these videos.But I am gonna give it a try anyway,heard a lot of positive things about the gameplay itself.Downloading atm.. Thanks for the suggestion guys.If anyone has any more suggestions I would be glad to hear them :)

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