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resident evil operation raccoon city

HauvarnHauvarn Member Posts: 220

I'm thinking about picking this one up because I like the resident evil series.  After watching a couple videos It doesn't seem all to much like the other games.  Before I go and dig through a bunch of info I thought I'd just ask you guys If it's worth the buy and why.


Thanks in advance!

Yes I played SWTOR.


  • FlemFlem Member UncommonPosts: 2,867

    It will be a different game which is why it isnt a sequel to the series (Resident Evil 6 is currently in development).

    I guess one of the big differences is in all of the different playable characters, 12 in all incuding being able to play the baddies (Umbrella) for a change.

    One thing i like though is the fact that Zombies are back instead of the weird infected cult like people from the last couple of games.

    And it's set back in the time of Resident Evil 2 which was my favorite game of the series.

  • Tnk0072Tnk0072 Member UncommonPosts: 98

    actually the main reason that it is not the next sequel like the man above me said they are making a re6 is because it was made by a different group of people. they dropped all horror aspects of the game and made it all about being a shooter. their are many problems in the game such as the AI is just plain awful.  it takes way to much ammo to kill enemies which is just plain annoying. their are many more problems with the game, but personally I actually really enjoy the game with all of its flaws included, just depends on how well the game must be polished for it to be fun to you.

  • HauvarnHauvarn Member Posts: 220

    Hmm, well i'm not too into shooter, buuuuuuut it is resident evil.  I guess even after what yall have said I'll give it a shot.  I hope it's a good call :P

    Yes I played SWTOR.

  • ForTheCityForTheCity Member Posts: 307

    I read somewhere that the Japanese said they need to make more shooting games cause that is what sells. That is why they created Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. Would you rather create a game where only 1/20 of a popular plays or 4/5 of the population? I never liked playing previous Resident Evil games (I'm scared lol) but I would consider this cause I like generic shooters. But if you are a Resident Evil fan I wouldn't suggest it. Saw major bad reviews from fans of the series. 

  • Benn289Benn289 Member Posts: 25

    ive played the game at a friends house. i thought it was going to be amazing...i was wrong. id only suggest buying it if you want to know what happens in the story between the games RE2 &3. other than that. the AI in the game are absolutely retarded. its got a terrible cover system and the game is lacking a lot of what RE should be in terms of action horror/shooter thriller. RE 1, 2, and 3 are better than this game..  but like i said if you are in it for the story then by all means go for it. but in my opinion it isnt worth the money. not until it goes down in price..id only pay half of what it costs. there is an opinion from someone who played and watched someone play it. trust me im not finding reasons to put it down..i love resident evil A LOT...

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