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MMO Choice HELP!

nikooo0nikooo0 Member Posts: 25

Yeah so basically i recently chose to give WoW another shot. I got to level 66 on a BE rogue and just thought, this is boring, and terrible, and WoW just doesn't give me that in depth feel and it seems just to easy + there isn't much graphical eye candy or anything exciting to look at.

I used to play Everquest 2 and did really enjoy it but since it has become free to play i don't know if the community has changed or anything or maybe the gameplay, but that might be an option. 

Another game i used to play, was lotro, i had good fun with this but quit, due to fact that i got to max level and nothing to do at endgame. 

I tried downloading the EVE online free trial but it keeps saying download failed so i gave up in the end.


I want an MMO that is fun to play, has a good crafting system, good customization and progression of the character to make it look unique, i also want the MMO to be more fun and have more challenges to come across. 


Would be eternally grateful if some people could post and lend me a hand



  • nikooo0nikooo0 Member Posts: 25


  • cheachancheachan Member Posts: 122

    All I can think is Aion 


  • vilkonvilkon Member Posts: 14

    Wait for Gw2? Have you tried rift, seems pretty decent.

  • CorehavenCorehaven Member UncommonPosts: 1,533

    You might be interested in Pirates of the Burning Sea. 


    The crafting system is about as complex as EvE, which I dont really think is a good thing.  But Ive had a lot of fun with it.  You might consider checking it out.  Maybe check out some Youtube videos of it to see what you think.  Its not spaceships like EvE, but sailing ships.  I prefer the combat over EvE because its twitch and Im a bit of a napolenic naval warefare fanatic.  So it suits me especially. 


    Its F2P, with a few restrictions on trade, and ship storage but little else.  I think a lot of folks play it that way.  But if you just pay the $15 sub fee just once, it unlocks those few restrictions, and then you can immediately cancel the sub, and it stays unlocked forever.  Thats what I did. 


    Star Trek Online is also F2P now days and I had some fun with that back in the day.  Although I consider the game to be some what short in scale for an mmorpg.  Which when it had a sub fee I found that repulsive.  Now that it doesnt I will probably go back in someday and have myself some fun.  Its a decent game for what it is if you like Star Trek especially.   I wouldn't spend any money on that one though.  I see little point. 

  • TorgrimTorgrim Member CommonPosts: 2,088

    Checkout Vanguard, sure the population is small and there are some bugs here and there but it's a damn fine game.

    If it's not broken, you are not innovating.

  • ElsaboltsElsabolts Member RarePosts: 3,476

    Go back to EQII or Vanguard you will find what you seek.



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  • BrokenSpoonBrokenSpoon Member Posts: 205

    In my honest opinion, I would play a cheap filler game and wait for guild wars 2..

    Ideas for a filler game are; 

    1. Dungeon Defenders

    2. Star Trek Online

    Dungeon Defenders is not an MMO but is a brilliant filler game - Trendy have created the perfect blend of Character Development with unique equipment and mixed it with tower defence... its currently £9.99 but they oftern lower the price on weekends to £4.99 and DLC's are super cheap and or sometimes free.

    Startrek Online is a bit of fun and the good thing is its free.  

    Stay clear of SWTOR due to the diminishing population and the lack of any decent prospective content .

    Guild Wars 2 speaks for it self, if you like the proposed game specs then play it.. up to you. 

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  • HersaintHersaint Member UncommonPosts: 366

    You could pick up a copy of Guild Wars cheap and Eye of the North? or I would give one of the FtP games a shot till this summer sees some new releases.

  • KellerKeller Member UncommonPosts: 602

    Vanguard : Saga of Heroes

    It's from the makers of EQ. It will go ftp this summer. Euro server is really empty, but NA server has some life. People left the game, because after release it got little love from SOE. It has an excellent crafting system (mini-game). You can get your own ship and house. There's a Diplomacy career path. It is another mini-game based on cards.

    Anyway 15 classes, 18 races and three huge continents. Enough to explore!

    You can play the starter zone for free. And I'm pretty sure a lot of players will return to see what FTP has brought.

  • Slapshot1188Slapshot1188 Member LegendaryPosts: 12,273

    Originally posted by Torgrim

    Checkout Vanguard, sure the population is small and there are some bugs here and there but it's a damn fine game.

    Yeah, it's a better game if you get some folks to join with you.  Maybe the population will rise when it goes F2P...


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