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LF game with depth

ZandilZandil Member UncommonPosts: 252

My biggest love was Vanguard saga of heros but with the F2P and low Population i have put a end to it.


So looking for a game with depth to story, crafting and combat.

Not to fussed with genre

i'm playing SWTOR atm and loving it but want more depth to it, VG felt like it was built with passion rather then for money.

Even if the game is still in devlopment am still looking for something to watch ?

I don't want to hit lvl cap in a week, i want things and places to explore solo and in a group.

Prefer P2P.


I have played most main stream MMO's to date and a few not so mainstream.  I did enjoy age of conan due to the unusal combat style




  • JakdstripperJakdstripper Member RarePosts: 2,410



    can't think of any other game that quite as deep as EvE.

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