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Need gaming partner!

SylvicarSylvicar Member Posts: 8

         All games are more fun when you play them with someone! I have been very bored lately, Ive ran out of options for games. waiting for the upcoming Guild Wars 2! Honestly, all the games Ive tried have gotten boring, but there is a reason behind it, I don't have anyone playing with me to keep me entertained! and of course, MMORPGS are all about interacting with other people, but I find that some of the communitys in the games Ive played arent for me, instead I just want to roll with people I know. I currently am not playing any games, and I am extreamly bored. I am willing to play any FTP games with anyone at the moment, and I really want to have fun in the experience while playing with someone other than myself! (Pun intended) I currently own minecraft and other such games along those lines, and I am willing to play really any multiplayer game with anyone right now.

So if anyone wants to come play some games, reply, call me on skype(jack_12900), or pm me! This should be a very fun and entertaining experience. and I do appologise if this sounds like a christian mingle add LOL



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