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Bringer090Bringer090 Member Posts: 1

I've been reading about Shadowbane for quite a long time, it all SEEMS like the best game out there for me. I'm a hardcore true mmo gamer, who loves the political aspects, and strategy that sets aside the rookies from the vets. Though I've never found a single 3-D game interesting... and I've tried EQ, WoW, Priston Tale, Biosfear.. etc etc. It just seems 2-D games always offer more in a true gaming sense. I really couldn't careless about graphics.

Once I try SB, I will try it with 1 - 3 RL partners. Now, my question is.. Can anyone guide me on what to expect, the good and the bad? Is there anything I should know about trying it out with RL friends? Will we be seperated? Any good race/class combos for 2+ people playing with eachother, I.e... Healer + Fighter. Any tips you could offer? Should I be expecting a rather boring and frustrating newbie life? (Randomly PK'ed 24/7, difficulty with controls, finding areas, etc).

I guess what I'm looking for is an in-detailed review about technical issues, which I can find no where.

But a warning... if my RL friends and I stick with Shadowbane, watch out! We're pretty damn avid at owning every MMORPG server we invade ::::12::


  • Edward78Edward78 Member Posts: 245


    1. True open PvP

    2. Your loot (not equiped) can be taken after death, or while alive by thieves.

    3. You can build or siege a city.

    4. If you own a merchant you can craft items there.


    1. Graphics could use some updating.

    2. Travel is kind of slow (no mounts)

    I would go to the website & read about it.

  • logangregorlogangregor Member Posts: 1,524


    1 Unique charachter build options with starting runes and skill runes. Makes for some interesting and viable classes.

    2 Leveling is fast and you can get double xp on weekends--you can get powerleveled if your guild will help you out.

    3 Having multiple high level toons. Some people I know have a pvp toon, a powerleveling toon(they can solo multiple mobs with ease) and a rune hunting toon(they run fast)

    4 Running a shop in a guild is fun.


    1 Barely anyone plays anymore

    2 The only way your crafting is if you are in a guild that lets you run a shop or you own a shop.
    Purchasing a shop is pretty expensive.

    3 While SB is FFA good luck trying to find people to pick a fight with. Not as many people as there used to be.


  • Edward78Edward78 Member Posts: 245

    Hopefully the lore server will fix the pop. isue.

  • Mikey0114Mikey0114 Member Posts: 310
    Whats so special about the Lore Server? What does it contain?
  • Edward78Edward78 Member Posts: 245

    Originally posted by Mikey0114
    Whats so special about the Lore Server? What does it contain?

    It has rules on races & classes that can join charters.

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