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LF Game! Details inside!

DrDreamDrDream Member UncommonPosts: 237

Alright so im gonna jump straight to the heart of the issue. Im bored and need somthing to do when im not playing Aion. And i just cant seem to make up my mind so i need some help so here are the games im thinking of playing.

Games i want to play maybe:

-Return of warrior

-Gates of andaron

-Rosh Online


-Allods Online

-Rohan:Blood Fued

What Im Looking for in a game:

-A reachable level cap. So id like to put a lvl cap at 90.

-No gender locked classes. This drives me crazy i dont wanna play a female mage or w/e

-Progressable characters. Im not sure how else to put it. You start out as a warrior then you can become a beserker or temp kinda like in Aion sept maybe a little deeper if its around.

-Graphics dont mean squat so ill play somthing 2d if the gameplays there.

-In-game music is a must HAVE! pref good music too haha!


Sorry for jumping around its easier to list stuff then write paragraphs. :P Anyway With all said and done id really like some help in finding a game i can sink my teeth into when the wifes not home or im just bored, and not in the mood to play aion.


Thanks in Advance!




  • DrDreamDrDream Member UncommonPosts: 237

    No Suggestions? no Red flares? Anythings better then nothing. Ive spent the last 3hours looking at random websites, youtube videos. Ive had no luck finding somthing to grab my attention. Im not looking for the next big thing, i just want a game with a population bigger then 10 active people, and decent gameplay. i dont mind if the cash shop is over bearing giving others a head over me i just plan to play it for shit and giggles.


  • omega78omega78 Member UncommonPosts: 260

    Oh oh oh! Pick me Pick me!

    I suggest...La Tale! A sidescrolling game with a rather nice community.

    The cap is 200, but mind you it isn't difficult to level in. People can get from 1-80 casually in under a week, but that is after you do it once or twice on other characters, when you learn the best way to level, 1-80 is cake. 

    I'll explain the job progression using Explorer as an example. Explorer excels in the use of Bows, Crossbows and Daggers. Each class has multiple weapons that it can utilize, save...2-3,  the 4 starters (Warrior, Templar, Mage, Explorer) go to one of two other classes, the fifth, Engineer only have one to progress to; at 80 you pick your first progression. Anyway...

    Say you pick Explorer, at 80 you can either stay down that path and become a Treasure Hunter, or you can switch it all around and be a Gun Slinger, then again at 120 you can take your TH to Ruin Walker, or your GS to Duelist...then the fun hits...

    at 130, after a...rather annoying quest line, you get your sub job. These jobs completely reshape your class. Duelist goes from using 2 guns, to using a Gun Blade; Ruin Walker now dual wields knives as a Rouge Master (somethin like that) Each class has a sub class, so... there is 20 classes in total. 

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWRHGcx6jak <- One track from La Tale

    Mabinogi is also another good one, there isn't a class system though, only a loosely based way to enhance certain skills that is class like...lemme explain.

    There are 4 ways of fighting, Melee, Ranged, Magic and Alchemy. When you make a character (and at each subsequent rebirth) you can pick a destiny which makes it easier to upgrade and utilize skills in the specific movesets, such as if I pick Alchemist, all alchemy related skills receive a 2x training bonus and when I level up my stats are boosted more towards alchemy.

    A very fun game and also very casual, especially if you play with minimal to no cashing, because every time you hit the age of 20, you can rebirth your character, which allows you to pick another age (17 being the most efficient) and it resets your level down to 1, but you keep all progression in skills and the stats they give. Each week you gain one year, so in 3 weeks time you can rebirth again. Casually, you can hit 50+ in three weeks, people do it in 1 week semi-casually when they get higher up.

    The music is superb, has to be some of the best soundtracks on an mmo. 

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_4GTUIbAnI <- Rundal Dungeons music, might not be your style but listen around... this is only one of many amazing songs.

    Time restricts me from saying much else...I hope I helped.

    I wish you luck in your endeavors.

  • zellmerzellmer Member UncommonPosts: 442

    Originally posted by omega78

    Oh oh oh! Pick me Pick me!

    I suggest...La Tale! A sidescrolling game with a rather nice community.

    He left out some key elements that would probably detract you a bit.


    Illustrates some of the problems including the laughable translation, heh.

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