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klugdoggklugdogg Member Posts: 3

hi, i've played MMORPG's for about 8 years now, as saying this, i've tried alot of them, most of them i've milked to the point that they not longer intrest me, i was wondering if there are any new ones out there that aren't dead, or dieing strait after release. currently playing SWTOR and its dead now. does anyone know of any decent new MMORPG's that aren't seeming to fail? thanks


  • AethaerynAethaeryn Member RarePosts: 3,110

    I would try a slightly older MMO that is still running if you are worried about this.  There are several that still have decent population.  Most new games seem to suffer from a decent drop after the first month when burn outs like me have tried it and "just didn't love it".  I actually just resubbed to UO to try it out again. . that is how desperate I am :)

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