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I got some mails from HI

jungleninjajungleninja Member UncommonPosts: 206

I send some emails to the 'new' support team of HI and asked if there was some new stuff coming and they simple replied that there was nothing at the moment. I then send another email to them asking if there was gonna be some stuff in the future and when, they simply replied that they had no such information at hand. So...this company scammed us large time! I luckily only lost 15 euro's, but alot of others lost about 200 dollars on lifetime subs! No new info, no new stuff, no communication and Myrla still running around protecting this game that even HI left dead! They scammed us to get money to make facebook garbage and never even intended to fix this game!

All people out there, I call to you all, to never ever even buy any product of these scammers ever! Because if they do it once, they will do it twice, etc.! [mod edit]


  • jungleninjajungleninja Member UncommonPosts: 206

    Why is HI still selling g&h for a higher price on STEAM? If you dont want this scam to go on, please e-mail STEAM and let them know this game is no longer supported by the team and that the price is not right. There has been some answers, so check out the official forum for more on this topic, but nothing from the officials. We know they dont care, or else they would let us know!

  • BeachcomberBeachcomber Member Posts: 535

    Your correct Jungle.


    Its a disgrace that this company sold life time subs for this so called game.

    Its still being sold by Steam for £24.99 despite not being updated since September.

    Anyone reading should beware before wasting bandwith on this crap.



  • jungleninjajungleninja Member UncommonPosts: 206

    Did I miss something? Did master metz quit HI? For he doesnt even answer simple questions! Well if your there master metz, why dont you answer the questions your dying fanbase desperatly asks of you? Honesty would save HI, really! In this rate, people are never gonna buy any other product HI brings out there!

  • SaintPhilipSaintPhilip Member Posts: 713

    ...HI also has a Facebook page we can post on. =)

  • Master_MetzMaster_Metz Member Posts: 15

    No one has quit, least of all me, Heatwave is positioning themselves to be successful and we have ALOT of work to do and those sort of things don't happen overnight. We also have ALOT to overcome but we have a very talented team full of great people that I am very confident in. I'd like to say that if you're interested in purchasing the game, don't do so on Steam, you can get it for 9.99$ on the Gods and Heroes site. We're doing what we can to ensure that people who spent money on a lifetime get their full value out of it. I wish there was more I could say on the issue other than people at Heatwave are working hard every day.



  • SaintPhilipSaintPhilip Member Posts: 713

    Where ya been for 20 days Metz? Why is this announcment the same as your January announcment (working to position Gods and Heroes, blah, blah)


    Why didnt you answer ANYONE until I began spamming your Facebook and non official websites? Why have you not said ANYTHING to your customers since January? Why no update in half a year? And why do your Devs (and you) laugh about this on the Dev Chat?


    Interesting you FINALLY emerge from hiding now that your companies name is being banded about as a scam- But you have not had the decency to update anyone on your official website in Months?

  • SaintPhilipSaintPhilip Member Posts: 713

    Sorry for the double post- I just puked when I read "Thhings dont happen overnight"- Dude there is still a fucking level 30 cap (and gear that connot be worn until 31) and no content in a YEAR... This is HARDLY "Overnight"- We are not asking for much man. and are not getting even a response from you.

  • SorrowSorrow Member Posts: 1,195

    LOL this game should have stayed dead the first time they pulled the plug on it, it was old, tired and the team at that time said the game engine itself, and core game design were flawed and unable to be continued.


    Years later a new team steps in and rehacks the same old code, core game design, and engine and suddenly its release ready and a great game??


    I'll say it again LOL


  • SaintPhilipSaintPhilip Member Posts: 713

    Hey, Metz... Not asking for any "miracles" since I know my expectations are SOOOOOO High (wanting a god damn auction house, some crafting and content above level 30) and I know you havnt been able to get these finished "overnight" (A year with no new content) but I am going to post some quotes from you about how most of this content was finished and just needed polish (around 8-9 months ago) and then was going to be released in Mid October...

    So, how many years is ths going to take to polish the content you TOLD US was pretty well complete- Not trying to "rush" you or anything.

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