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Path of Exile Mind Blowing

berlightberlight Member UncommonPosts: 345

Oh great another  Diablo 2 wannabe!? thank god its not!

I dont even know where to start so i can describe this game that came from nowhere.

All i can say is, that, the prayers from all the hack and slash dungeon crawler gamers has been heard! Praise the Lord!

I have been testing this game for 2 weeks now, and what i have notice is, that in other games, at start, the game causes a big impact , immediately you get addicted "OMG THE GAME IS AWESOME" and after you play for a while you slowly start to lose interest.

Not in this game my friends. The game is completely addictive,  "just one more level please" gets a new meaning with the skill tree or more like a map. HUGE, you can see the skill tree in the oficial site

One more point in the skill tree until my eyes pops out.

The options are immense, the way you build your character are mind blowing.

The graphics make their job, the dev team listen to players and there isnt any troll parade like other community.

This was the game we were waiting for my friends, the wait is over.

Mind Blowing!

Beta tester maniac


  • PNM_JenningsPNM_Jennings Member UncommonPosts: 1,093

    dude, how do i get into the beta? are the choices just entirely random? because i've been waiting for a while, and i keep seeing newer people called up.

  • berlightberlight Member UncommonPosts: 345

    Well, its kind of a luck.

    You get the key from the random timer, giveaways in the oficial forums,ask polite for a key or if you have someone that is playing they can have friends keys. I got friends keys after 2 weeks, i already gave them.

    Beta tester maniac

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