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The game is live very live indeed

akirafesakirafes Member UncommonPosts: 11

I am a casual suscriber of eveonline , swotor and wow . But I am bored  all of them .  What I love is economy in a game.

This game is so live . The chat bar is always flashing.  You can learn lots from there .  Every one is trying to help the questions.

The economy is so like boiling water it never stops . Prices are going up and low as the demand and supply Which I hate how they were fixed at wow .

You are trying to learn non stop new recipes which seems endlesly.

 Well it really is free no hidden trick there . You can see it with your eyes.  

You never need to buy from cash to go high level and max anything .

By the way best crafting I have ever seen in a game.

?ts a good surprise to find what I am looking for in this game and shame how much I waited for swotor .

loved diablo
LOVE vanguard
Try and see the future


  • ArezonArezon Member UncommonPosts: 282

    I've gone back to Fallen Earth since it went F2P and having fun in the wastelands again. It is worth a a try if you've never played before or if you were once a subscriber.


  • VolarinVolarin Member Posts: 38

    I am Surprised At The LacK of thrEAds here, The pop is massive On ThiS gamE. ForMOre ThaN the SerVErs Can Handle At TiMEs.


    I thiNK This miTHT Be AN ExaMPLE If F2p thaT ACtUALly WoRKEd WelL.

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