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damn, a lot of players in the nube zones in EU Aion.

JakdstripperJakdstripper Member RarePosts: 2,410

was bored, so i figured i'd play some free Aion on the European servers. i was actually quite surprised at how many people are in the starting zones.

it almost reminded me of when Aion launced, that's how busy the starter zones are. NA Aion will have to go f2p i'm sure.

it is nnoying not being able to use any of the chat channels unless you pay but as a F2P Aion is pretty damn sweet.


  • NortonGBNortonGB Member UncommonPosts: 279

    Being from the UK I'm delighted with the Gameforge / NcSoft  Aion free to play, for once it works out well for Europeans.

    Aion is probably the best F2P mmorpg still with fine graphics, cities in the sky, character fun fly with glide functions that can suit both PVE & PvP play-styles.  

    As it looks like being a big success it will probably not be long before it reaches the u.s.a.

  • pedrostrikpedrostrik Member UncommonPosts: 396

    yeah right now the servers got more stable and not so full as 1 week ago, and as veteran i can play very well without so many penalties, (only cd's on instances), but i avoid instances at all on AION cause they suck overall.

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 38,424

    Not surprising, go visit the L2 F2P GOD servers, packed all the time there too.

    People love their F2P games, and NCsoft has a decent model.


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  • korat102korat102 Member Posts: 313

    I'm not one of the new ones. I gave up in frustration before even seeing the game loaded. Four hours and only managed to get one third of the thing downloaded.

    Plus I had to register on Gameforges Aion site then they sent my userid and password right back to me in plain text in the same stupid is that? I decided to change the password but their site won't allow it, saying the new password - pasted in in the new password field and the confirmation field doesn't match. Um, it was pasted in, how can it not match?

    Well, I didn't spend a penny and my broadband is unlimited so nothing lost except for some time. Let's see what else is out there...

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