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Setup Free Trial

WizZifnabWizZifnab Member Posts: 2

I decided to try out the new free trial Shadowbane is offering.  However, I can get the download to do anything.  It throws up a console window for a couple of seconds then...nothing.  Doesn't appear to install anything and gives no message to say it has installed anything.

I attempted to go to the UbiSoft site for support but the online support gave me the run-around, literally.  I used the 'Ask a question' feature on the site, was told couldn't use the feature to get support for Shadowbane, try the Shadowbane FAQ or ... and this was great... try 'Ask a question'???

Anyone have a clue what I need to do to get the free trial download to work.


  • kevinhnckevinhnc Member Posts: 1
    It was doing the same for me.  I don't know if its explorer's fault or not, but I used Mozilla browser, and the window popped up with a link to download.  Try a different browser, it worked for me.

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