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[A][Emerald Dream][US] Looking for Scroll of Resurrection

gu357u53rgu357u53r Member Posts: 113

Just looking for a scroll of resurrection if anyone plays on Emerald Dream on the alliance side if you would send one my way. Shoot me a PM here so I can give you my contact information.


  • halidon76halidon76 Member Posts: 7

    you have new PM :P

  • gu357u53rgu357u53r Member Posts: 113

    I play on US servers though, will you be able to send one since I get the feeling you play on EU ones.

  • halidon76halidon76 Member Posts: 7

    sending online using there's a drop down menu that allow you to select every server even in united states ...although i don't think you can transfer charachter across the ocean i think it will allow you other benefits live lvl 80, free update to cataclysm and 7 days of free play ... can try if you want; just need the name of a char and the server you used to play.

  • gu357u53rgu357u53r Member Posts: 113

    Character Name: Roker

    Realm: Emerald Dream

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