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Can't create an account or add LOTRO!

ShorunShorun Member UncommonPosts: 247

Hey guys,


I'm trying to create a LOTRO account nearly an hour now. I have already got a Turbine game account with a DDO subscription on it. If I want to add LOTRO I need a product key. Where do I get that product key?


I also tried to sign up here with chrome, firefox and IE:

I tried various usernames and e-mail-adresses but nothing worked. I hit "sign up today" and nothing happens: no notification, nothing. The program doesn't even tell me that the username is being used or something.

And I can't log in to the LOTRO-Community page with my working Turbine account either!


So I can't make a new account and I can't add LOTRO to my existing account. I do not want to contact customer service, they're almost never helpful at all.


If someone has an idea how to create an account or add LOTRO to an existing account I would be thankful to hear it


  • UglyducklyUglyduckly Member Posts: 5

    I am having the exact same problem, tried IE, Chrome and Firefox and it does nothing... Very frustrating when I have finally got the game downloaded and installed.

  • kevjardskevjards Member UncommonPosts: 1,452

    you need a seperate account..i had same problem


  • UglyducklyUglyduckly Member Posts: 5

    Not trying to link to it with my DDO account (since you can't). Just trying to create an account for LOTRO, and as with Shorun tried several emails, account names, passwords etc.

  • kuzniaczek21kuzniaczek21 Member Posts: 6

    Have the same problem!

  • OdyssesOdysses Member Posts: 581

    Thats not true, I have all my turbine accts bundled. AC DDO and LoTRO.  I wonder if they changed it?

  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 30,233

    Originally posted by Odysses

    Thats not true, I have all my turbine accts bundled. AC DDO and LoTRO.  I wonder if they changed it?

    Mine are bundled as well.

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  • UglyducklyUglyduckly Member Posts: 5

    So I found a solution to my problem atleast, if you already have a DDO Turbine account you can simply send turbine an email here:

    Asking for a product key for lord of the rings online, when you recieve this you log in and type it in here:

    And you should be all set. Worked for me atleast (and btw the game is great, it is a lot of fun).

  • jef_rulezjef_rulez Member Posts: 2

    I can't register  

    i don't know why

    can anyne help please

    I haven't got a turbine account either.

  • disappointdisappoint Member Posts: 1
    A-ha. Spent about an hour trying things, but here's one for others having this problem: disable Javascript before loading the sign up page. The problem appears to be either their date control or some validation routine, the plain html version of the form works.
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