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Mac Client

eva_01eva_01 Member Posts: 17

Well i tried downloading it from the site that this site went to (game daily i believe), but of course that was a window's exe (if there is a way to still install from this please tell). i then tried the mac only link on the official shadowbane website, which is to fileplanet. i don't currently hold a subscribtion to that site, or any for that matter, so i signed up for the free one. I went to the download and the funniest thing happened. It said to install the download manager controller i need ie 5.x or higher running on a window's machine. so i seem to be screwed in this for obvious reasons (did i mention i have a mac?) so my question is where can i download the Mac version, and if not how to install the exe file. thanks


  • AwakenedAwakened Member UncommonPosts: 595 - official SB site - Says mac users must DL this first, I followed the link though and it says it's for the PC?  Check it out I guess, according to the Devs you need this for some reason...[Mac-OSX]-(US-&-Canada-Only) - Fileplanet again, but after you install Stuffit (the above link), it may work.


    The only thing I saw that might have screwed you up is not DLing the Stuffit software.  i dunno if you did or not, and I have no clue what it does, but the site claims you need it for something.

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  • eva_01eva_01 Member Posts: 17

    no i most definately have stuffit, first thing a mac user should get :P no my problem is the actual downloading. i went to the fileplanet site, that said mac specific. i went down to the free servers, clicked download now. new window opened up, had hope for a few seconds, maybe less, then a screen comes up that says:

    Unable to install the FilePlanet Download Control!
    Possible Reasons...

    The control requires Internet Explorer 5 or higher running on Windows 9x/NT4/2000/XP
    If you are running NT, XP or 2000 you must have Administrator privileges
    Your Internet security settings do not allow ActiveX plugins to be downloaded
    You declined to install the control on the previous screen

    correct me if i'm wrong, but i believe requiring a system to run on windows when downloading a mac file is an oxymoron? i have no idea what to do. my browser does accept ActiveX plugins. and yes i did try using IE for mac, that didn't work either.

  • eva_01eva_01 Member Posts: 17

    i'm guessing i'm just screwed on this huh? no one has a mac client hidden somewhere they can send me a link to?

  • coynancoynan Member Posts: 3

    I am in the same boat. I have been looking franticaly for a download to a mac client but no hope. The game daily site should really specify that it's windows only before you download 900megs of data -.-
    File planet used to work for me with a free account. When you get that screen where it can't use the download manager, there is a link at the bottom which says "continue anyway" or something, which usually inserts you into the queue. Lately, when i click this link I have just gotten this "forbidden" text and no download. Have tried this on both internet explorer and firefox.
    really annoying actualy.

    A direct link to the mac client would be nice if some one has it hidden away on their HD, would really appreciate it.

    EDIT: so I tried emailing them, turns out i'm "not aloud" becase my accout has expired :p

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