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lyonman24lyonman24 Member Posts: 855

i know this is a semi stupid question but in the FAQ doesnt it state that already?? pretty sure it does lol.
the whole posting freeservers thing.

or is that to cover the ummmm what are those things ummm brain dead humans that post without reading first yeah thats it. they remind me of someone looking in the fridge for oj and the asking hunny where the oj and the responce is right behind the milk you friggin idiot. ::::01::

::::20::::::28:: sorry just had to say something now for those people posting where are good free mmo's questions lol::::20::::::28::


  • LuRaviLuRavi Member Posts: 239

    Hello Lyonman24,


    Let me inform you that if I were a Moderator on this website. I would remove this post completely from this board and tell you how fracking stupid you are to post it in a public manner to try to prove a point instead of taking it private with any admin you see who post in other forums on this website because well none of the MMORPG.com admin really post in this forum. :P

    And now that I've shown that I will never be hired as Moderator on this website since I'm far to blunt, seeing as I am in this mood atm.

    I would just like to state for the record that the Ultima ONline Developers are Stupid once again. Their new expansion sucks. The ability of the Ultima Online Developers to communicate sucks. The ability of the lead producer whom we really don't know who it is be it Sunsword of Lady Lu, simply proves what idioitic morons they are for not informing us that Sunsword was Demoted upwards to in charge of all Online games for Electronic Arts. Binky is a clown for letting it slip during Seattle Developer meetup that "Ultima Online is in good hands with Lady Lu"

    I believe the Ultima Online Developers are fairly smart people, because I've attended 3 Ultima Online Developer meetups, yet their actions and the way they communicate their intentions in the game are simply horrendeous. That I do not understand. They are nice in person and show a sense of intelligence but man their forum/official/public communications beyond meeting in real life is below negative.

  • lyonman24lyonman24 Member Posts: 855

    do you read? or just read and a moron? anyways was a joke ofcource admin doesnt need to respond to it wasnt expecting them to. just to read and too jest.

    so whatever mood your in relax have some dip!?!imageimage


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