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New Idea: Barebone Kits???

patheospatheos Member Posts: 1,148

I found a computer with these specs:

Athlon XP 3000+, 1gb DDR 333 Ram, Asrock K7S41 Motherboard, Radeon 9800 Pro 8x AGP, Quantum 20gb HD 5400rpm, Western digital 120gb HD 7200rpm, Maxtor 200gb HD 7200rpm, 12x DVD+-RW, CD-Rom, 10/100 Lan, 56k Modem, Dual Channel PCI IDE controller card (only supports HD's) (with this card this computer can support up to 8 devices instead of 4), Removable HD Bay, HD coolers on the 200gb and the 120gb, 3 80mm case fans, and a 500 watt Power Supply.

It comes with some software as well:

Windows XP Pro, Alcohol 120% (used for video game backup), AnyDVD (used for DVD burning), music recording software, tons of virus, adware, and spyware removal software, and some more I dont remember.

Finally it comes with many games:

Diablo 2, Neverwinter nights, War Craft 3, CandC Red Alert, CandC Tiberian Sun, Age of Empires 2, Hitman 2, Hitman Contracts, Doom 3, Half life, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Pain Killer, Unreal Tournament 2003, Dungeon Siege 2 LOA, Tomb Raider, Lords of Magic, Prince of Persia Sands of Time, URU, XIII, ZNES and 300 roms, and more that I can't remember.

How much would this computer cost in your eyes? My plan is buying it and selling a few of the games. I have no plans on upgrading this machien but if its a possibility that would be awesome. Only serious posters please and try to be smart, dont post if your just going to be dumb. Thank you in advance!

Edit: It also comes with a Diabolic Minitaur case which looks awesome.



  • FaintFaint Member Posts: 82

    Atleast 2,500$ just for computer I'm pretty sure. Where is this deal located?


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  • RufiusRufius Member Posts: 2,031,aid,121105,pg,1,RSS,RSS,00.asp

    I'm holding off purchasing a pc till this is part of the deals.

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  • SackynutSackynut Member Posts: 558



  • XavonXavon Member Posts: 334

    [quote]Originally posted by Betrayal-X
    I'm holding off purchasing a pc till this is part of the deals.[/b][/quote]

  • GradetGradet Member UncommonPosts: 17
    be about 2000 standard price for stores -- but if you have a super saterday sale around you could build a computer like this for around 150-200 dollars

    The games will boost value only if the CD and CD keys were included -- if not they are good as deleted

    The other software wouldnt do much for value since there are many other types that are free ect

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  • patheospatheos Member Posts: 1,148

    I cant say where its located but, its around 500 bucks.


  • grimweepergrimweeper Member Posts: 2,047

    the computer itself - around 800

    everything - around 2000 maybe more


  • FilipinoFuryFilipinoFury Member Posts: 1,056

    If it is really 500$. It is probaly on Ebay.He doesnt want to tell us becaue id buy that sucker so fast.But the computer is probaly around 900 or 850 and all those games are 150$ or 250$ seeing that they arnt brand new.

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  • patheospatheos Member Posts: 1,148

    Yes it is on Ebay lol, and also the computer is great, the deal is amazing but i dont want to play on a 56k...

    what should i get for internet? I cant pay like 25 to 40 bucks a month or anything like those big companies, so whats the best and cheapest for me? i need a fast internet thats cheap.


  • grimweepergrimweeper Member Posts: 2,047

    for that money get normal dsl, also if it just has a 56k modem then go to bestbuy or something and buy a lan card for like ten bucks to replace it, just pull the modem out and put the lan card where it was originally, that way you can go to lan paries and have dsl.

    The processor in there is meant for labtops - just thought you might want to know.


  • SiphonsSiphons Member Posts: 445

    you can get a good ethernet card for $10-20 bucks. for ISP, you're on your own, it all varies on location.

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  • patheospatheos Member Posts: 1,148

    Thanks for the help with that PC, but from the research and looking harder i came to the conclusion that its probably a fake auction on ebay so im now looking for barebone kits.

    My friend has informed me that it will be cheaper.

    WHAT I DO NOT NEED: I dont need something that can run EverQuest 5. I'm not going to need something that nasa has. (lol?)

    What I do need is something inbetween average and top of the line, now my price range probably wont get me anything in that but heres to hoping ::::20::

    Once i get all the parts my neighbor can assemble it for free, and maybe get me windows and those programs and stuff so thats not a problem. My spending limit is $400, nothing more please.

    Whats a good website to look at barebone kits? thanks in advance. (grammers off because im watching my brother play RE4).


  • SiphonsSiphons Member Posts: 445

    i'm pretty proud of what I scrounged up for about $720. p4 3 ghz, pci express geforce 6600 GT, 2 512's ddr-2, 200 gb ide hd. I already had a mouse, monitor, and speakers though.

    All you friggin suburban white kid wannabe poobutts that are in love with G-Unit are sad and pathetic. Find your own identity ::::28:: -Anarchyart

  • grimweepergrimweeper Member Posts: 2,047

    Originally posted by Sully1881
     My spending limit is $400, nothing more please.

    good luck

    and is good.


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