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Be careful what you spam.

worldalphaworldalpha Member Posts: 403

I came to the spam boards, going to test out, attaching some concept art to a post, and I decided to just a quick link to my game site.  Well, a few days later, I can a 120 day ban!  I couldn't figure out why, until I realized it was my post to the SPAM board.  I'm not knocking the admin, as I can see how it could look like I was trying to advertise.  Thankfully they lifted the ban, after I plead my innoncence. I just wanted other SPAM board spammers, to be aware, no advertising in the SPAM boards.  You have been warned!  I am thankful that MMORPG has decided to cover my game, giving an indie developer like myself some coverage. 

Working on Social Strategy MMORTS (now Launched!) http://www.worldalpha.com


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