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Things I dont like about Vanguard



  • StonesDKStonesDK Member UncommonPosts: 1,805

    Originally posted by Adamantine

    Originally posted by Starpower

    You know shit [...]

    I've been long enough in the internet to know that only people who run out of arguments feel the urge to resort to insults. Thus I thank you for clearing up in the very first sentence that you didnt had anything to say. I didnt bothered to read the rest of your posting.

    I'm just calling like i see it. Ignorant ramblings, which is what they are. If you feel that's insulting then it doesn't take much does it. Besides that non insult I gave plenty of examples why every written word you write is a failed example and they are numerious


    1. WoW comment regarding soulbound items

    2. Tiered crafting

    3. Meaninful PvP

    4. Crafting being worse than quest items


    I mean I can go on

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