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Dragon Eternity (avoid this game)

Avoid this game at all costs. It is moderated by anyone who hits lvl 15. Meaning there are dozens of children moderating it. You are not allowed to talk about any other games in chat or this game itself. You cannot offer constructive feedback or even discuss bugs in the games chat. Log in for 5 minutes and you will see 100s of people being muted per hour for no reason at all. The moderators are not moderated at all and they can abuse this power to the utmost. I was never muted or anything personally it was just very obvious from the world spam of mutes and bans that this game was a joke.


I also charged 5$ on this game in the 10 hours i played it and was charged 76$ instead of 5$. My bank fixed this correction for me as they could see my purchase was for 5$ then i was randomely charged 71$ for no reason.


Avoid this game like the plague. You have been warned.

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  • HonnerHonner Member Posts: 504

    thanks for the warning

  • magicalpimpmagicalpimp Member Posts: 3

    I did not have the same experience with the moderators but the game is rather weak, If you are on this site reading reviews looking for that game that you will 'LOVE' .... then these are not the droids you were looking for.

  • Coldfire80Coldfire80 Member Posts: 2

    I've been playing this game for about a month now. I have bought Reals using SMS, CC, and Amazon payments and haven't had a single issue. My gaming experience has been a pleasant one. Although the fights seem off-kilter (lvl 3's being as strong as you with no armor), it is fun to get into.

    The graphics are 7/10 only because its a flash based program. 0/10 audio as it has none. The gameplay is pretty simple to get into, and although there doesn't seem to be any real storyline to follow, its interesting just the same.

    The moderators do seem to ban and silence quite frequently, but it is regulated. I've watched the people getting punished and they are people violating the chat rules.

    It's a turn based RPG type with action-adventure elements. You spend most of the time grinding for things with very low drop rates, and killing mobs over and over again. The game does have some PvP, in arena type battles and 1v1 using an item.


    Overall I give the game a 6.5/10.

    Upside: Gameplay is fun after you get used to it, new updates are added frequently, you can get a Dragon ally,  and most of the     players are friendly.

    Downside: No sound, regulated chat, a lot of the great items require real money to purchase, and no character customization.

  • KildjyaKildjya Member Posts: 1

    I completely agree with first statement. There is absolutely no way to mute 'heavens voice' from spamming your screen with its chat bans. The game admins in game are absolutely ridiculous and abuse their power greatly. I honestly feel like the one I've encountered, midnight98 is a 12 year old.

    Also, the rule of no politics in main chat is absurd, goes to show the game was created by a communist country (no offense) Any topic should be acceptable so long as it doesn't turn into a battle of who's right. and insults and degradation.  I just saw someone get banned for saying, I think obamas healthcare is great, which is an absolutely ridiculous reason to get chat banned.

    As a parent myself, i strongly feel chat filters should be placed as opposed to muting after foul language is said, and i also feel its a parents responsibility to filter the content their children look at/play and not up to game admins to force people to comply to their rules which more then often go against the charter of rights for the country they are providing their service in. 

    I also feel if you dont wish to read politics in your main chat, learn to ignore what people are saying, if people want to talk about it, its as much their right to talk about it as it is yours to ignore it.

    Im unaware of any problems with buying reals as i refuse to support this game. leveling is slow, its ridiculously difficult to earn any money at all, you earn enough to buy the auction house level 3 green weapon by the time you're level 8-10, which is also ridiculous. The amounts of money needed to get the items required in order to craft gear, as by the time you get quests to do so, youre already leveled above the mobs is impossible to handle, you wont have a level 6 green suit until youre at least level 12. Some people are luckier then others with item drops, due to faulty programing for items needed for upgrading spells. For example, my bf and I are the same level, i have over 50 of the required items, he has 20, and he kills more monsters then i do, rendering it very illogical that I have more. Programming should be on an average of mob deaths as opposed to the luck of the individual for items like mentioned one which are absolutely necessary for any type of progress cause as i've pointed out-unless youre willing to spend a fortune in game cash currency in order to buy the in game coins-you wont succeed, This is a definite must pay cash to keep up type of game.


    On another note, the graphics are horrible, there are moments where no matter how powerful your computer is, the game will start to lag to the point where in order to fight you need to spam click where you estimate the 'damage button' is.

    The energy system in order to travel from map to map, is absolutely retarded as well. It takes long enough to gain a level as it is, sending me on a quest that will use up all my energy in one shot is stupid. Thankfully you can change maps again every 1 minute.

    Oh, and the item needed to be able to get special drops to craft your magic spells is highly overpriced, even more so then most other things, making it almost impossible to upgrade your spell til level 10. You end up getting many more then what you need for the 'first upgrade', then you dont find out what other item you need til level 29... im sorry but i wont be around to ever see level 29, all in all, every 30 minutes i spend on this game, makes me extremely sleepy.

    Not to mention bugs allow certain players to have well above the double of maximum hp for their level in the arena, rendering their faction a guaranteed win.

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