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Greatest Online RPG ever.......seriously... ever!

CeriCeri Member Posts: 2


Hi Folks

If you are the kind of person who wants something different from the bog standard MMO like wow, I really do suggest giving Astonia3 a real go... Its not much to look at, but its been going since around late 90s I think, dispite it saying the relase was 2002, thats not true, I joined the game in 2002 when I left school, and 9 years later, I am still running around in it happy as ever..... Graphics aside, this game is awesome.

The main key feature about this game that makes it wipe the floor with everything is, is the character build. In most MMO's now the game entirely relys on who grinds the most dungeons to get the better epics, and when you level you are given 40hp, 1str, 2dex, 2int etc etc....... Astonia awards you Experience per kill and from quests, you use the experience to increase the stats you want. and this makes the PVP side of things amazing, because its entirely down to who can make the best builds. You can download a stat calculator which allows you to make builds before you actually make your character.... So you know how it will turn out.

the game is stupidly long, only about 30 people in the world who played it, have ever hit max lv200 on it, because it takes so long to get there unlike wow/rift/aion etc etc where u hit max level in 1 month.

The Community is what keeps me there, we are all a real close group of friends now, every1 knows every1, sadly the awesome days are gone, lots of people moved on etc, but the game is still alive, and I seriously would suggest that everyone looking for a more creative game, to come and try this out. its 30 days free trial, and a p2p subscription then of $9.99 a month, bit High I know but its the most addict game you will ever play if you give it a real shot. - Create your account, and download the client... the bonus of a game being 10+ years old? the game file is like 32mb to download...... so you guys can get it in like 10 seconds to 5 mins depending on your internet connections :)  So seriously, go there.... download it, and try it out.

If you do, ask for a guy named Ceri, thats me, and I will be happy to show you around how the game works, dont go by the screenshots on the website, we have moaned at the Game management for years to show the true game, but instead they stick with the same old boring screenshots that dont show anything but the god in /invisible mode.....  They Suck, but the game rocks!


Cya laters foos!






  • TheRealBootTheRealBoot Member Posts: 1

    Cya laters foos!





    Ha! Ceri Wadda!!!!!!


    Yes, This Game Is Awsome. Nuff' Said. Some of the Players act like kids, think they know it all and just ruin it. But they dont. with that said. I am A Master of this Game. lol, Its Been my game Since the Day i Found it. I live and Die for this game. No Lie. Spend time on it. thats all i got to say. It takes a long time to get somewhere. You have to be Devoted to get what you want out of this. Ask Questions, Ignore the Retards. and just Be on Your Game. Good Luck!



  • Crunchy221Crunchy221 Member Posts: 489

    You know looking back this wasnt such a bad game for a 2d overhead view game.  In a world where every game repackages the same ruleset and mechanics...looking back this game was so damn unique in so many ways.

    The "sandbox" classes are something i actually quite liked the games take on.  For having 3 classes (warrior or mage) and the third class being a complex "both" was interesting.  What makes this so interesting was the application of pvp and guilds.

    There was only so many guilds, a guild had to be kept alive with clan jewels (or were they stones).  Every so many levels there would be a hidden stone spawner, with capped level entry.  When the timer went off the last man standing got the stone, and was able to keep the guild alive (you could store stones).  This lead to rolling specific level alts, that were unplayable outside the clan spawn due to "pure" builds for specific roles furing the fight.  the more you made the more clan spawns you could fight in.

    Then there was guild raids where you could attack another guilds dungeon, you had to spend money to put traps and mobs in the dungeon to protect it.  The price was stealing a stone from them.

    When the guild ran out of stones it was disbanded and the slot remained open for anyone with a stone to create a new one...

    Very interesting and diffrent mechanic compared to todays games.

    Then there was the pve aspect...pents...such a unique way to do "grind" it was fun rewarding and well...diffrent.

    I could write mabey 2 pages on what made this game unique...not a single mechanic or system in this game made its way into the modern mmorpg assembly line...

    Dont think i could ever go back but i just thought about how great this games systems would be applied to a modern game.  Its not a themepark its not a sandbox its just...astonia...

    I mean so many systems in this game were just so unique...the random dungeons with special underground.....rodnes warped world...the sewers and sewer items...orb runs....salt mines....negative experience....hardcore mode....on top of the skill system that was so limited but has such variety in build.

    Yeah they dont make games like this they have to do what everyone expects.  A game where someone at level cap would garner a crowd...


    If a developer were smart he could easily make a fantastic game porting astonia intoa  3d engin and adding some modern functions. 


  • HitShaneHitShane Member Posts: 4
    I loved this game and was very sad when Astonia had but a handful of players walking about. I turned my Main into a Merchant and people used to line up infront of me to sell their Pents spoils all day long. I would take my Mage and take noobs on runs to show them the way. Even the Labyrinth to become an arch was very rewarding with the new skills you would obtain. I only wish there was a game now that was so simple to play yet with so much depth... I even got married to a girl (in the game) from Canada back in the day. There were hundreds of people that showed up and we had gifts out the yingyang...
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