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SwankdSwankd Member UncommonPosts: 236

"Thank you for your loyalty and support in the WonderKing community. At noon on December 29, 2011 the WonderKing game will temporally shut down due to constant unresolved issues from the developers. In the mean time, we encourage all players to start their new journey in our latest dynamic action 2D MMORPG, WindSlayer 2."

Come on now! And they want us to switch to WindSlayer 2??  :/

Anyone think it will come back? 

I'm really hoping it does because this game is a great game if you forgot your mouse at home.



  • StarkStark Member Posts: 119

    Unless they put more money into development this game has been shelved. I thought it was a better game than Maple Story but it needed alot of work. I'd try it again if it ever comes back.

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