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Aion truly f2p announced :O



  • xK3runexK3rune Member Posts: 100

    Originally posted by lilwins

    To the people chiming in this thread and claiming that Lineage2 truly free is pay2win, I call out BS on your lies. You probably never even played Lineage2 if you think the items from the cash shop make the game pay2win. You're all a bunch of jokes that think anything that goes f2p and has some sort of cash shop is pay2win. Lineage2 truly free is exactly that, truly free and it's not pay2win in the slightest. The items from the cash shop are just a temporary boost until you get actual endgame gear from "gasp" actually playing the game. It's a joke how some of you like to claim something is pay2win, when the bonuses are temporary at best because you don't want to spend money to get those temporary bonuses yourselves, let alone have to work to get endgame gear yourselves..


    Stop speculating, the majority of you don't know what ur talking about.

  • SoulSurferSoulSurfer Member UncommonPosts: 1,024

    Originally posted by lilwins

    Originally posted by SoulSurfer

    Originally posted by Nailzzz

    Originally posted by SoulSurfer

    Everyone is speculating that bots and hackers will destroy the game once 3.0 hits.

    You still have an account on Vaizel Mallace?


         How would this be any different from the state of the game as of now?

    100 nails in the coffin instead of say maybe 2?


    Rofl, F2p won't destroy AION, it will in fact save it from it's spiraling path of doom. If you don't know this and are/have playing/played AION in the past, you're just dumb. This isn't directed to you specifically, more like the general population on the MMORPG boards.

    I hope so because I actually like Aion.  It seems like that general population you speak of wants the game to fail... I know how out of control the bots and RMT were at launch, but they cleaned it up. (took them a few months but it was under control)

     If the F2P model just lets them back in after a few months and they do nothing to clean it up, I'll throw in the towel.  I can deal with a few bots here and there, but for the server to be assimilated borg style is unacceptable.  

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