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Who Would Surrender?

CoinsCoins Member Posts: 12
I wouldn't mind surrendering, only worried if the enemy will keep me alive. They probably will if they want to assimilate my tribe eventually. I would surrender because having an uninterrupted bio/rep is more valuable to me than preserving skills or possessions.


  • Ferox(SM)Ferox(SM) Member Posts: 169

    youd never be forced into some sort of slavery. And items are pretty much easily replaceable if you know someone or can make stuff yourself.

    "Old UO is now but a dream that will live in the hearts of the faithful for eternity."

    Think you have what it takes to take the 'Oath of the legion' and become a true soldier of Rome?
    Service guarantees citizenship!

  • CoinsCoins Member Posts: 12

    True noone can be forced, only at spearpoint!image

    It's probably likely most will fight to the death, so what should I do if I want to surrender? Do I try to convince my side to let me surrender or do I try to knock out my allies so that I spare their lives too?image

  • TrakenTraken Member Posts: 172
    Ferox, you never know, Commodus might send a couple legions with orders to enslave people causing trouble.  But it would never happen by a player... (Commodus is god..not a player image)
  • Mikey0114Mikey0114 Member Posts: 310

    But a player controlled character can eventually become Emperor...Atleast thats what I read was a feature that would be included I think....would be cool if they included something like that same as Dark and Light has included in their game.

    Anyway I don't expect this game to be like Dark and is way too overhyped for what details are released on prodctivity. From what I read about this game I am extremely impressed by the RedBedlam.

    Anyway please correct me if I was wrong about the emperor thing, that you could possibly become emperor!

  • CoinsCoins Member Posts: 12
    Yes anyone can become emperor or overthrow the emperor and start something new. KFR, the lead developer, will start as the emperor Commodus but Commodus can be killed eventually. I am not sure maybe he will be invincible for the first few months of the game until everything works out smoothly. Also rumoured he will play Commodus as a very paranoid character and he might fight in the arena.
  • Mikey0114Mikey0114 Member Posts: 310
    Greedy Team Leading Dev....wanting all the power for himself....btw I doubt he will need to make himself invulnerable. Only people who would beat him are the ppl who learnt to play the game well, and so it should make much difference but something tells me KFR will be extremely good in the game...even though he's already declared himself emperor :P....greeedy bastard of a dev! grrrr
  • SiphonsSiphons Member Posts: 445

    what, you want yourself proclaimed emporer? someone who's never played?? ::::12::

    All you friggin suburban white kid wannabe poobutts that are in love with G-Unit are sad and pathetic. Find your own identity ::::28:: -Anarchyart

  • BestiusBestius Member Posts: 52

    I will probably pull a Ninja and run up a tree and escape into the forest using catlike agility.

    And maybe i will toss them a Rat Flail to give them the plague.

    Im not anti social, im just pro solitude!

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