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Ranger or Assasin

kimahriskimahris Member Posts: 55

So im at the point of picking a class. Dont know what to pick between Ranger and Assasin.I logged out at the class change quest thinking i was gonna think about it but i cant make up my mind. anyone with experience can help me out? Pros and cons?


  • Khan187Khan187 Member Posts: 168

    Ranger if you are not aware of things too much.

    Sin if your awareness and playstyle is sly.


    When grouping (which you will for most of game life) you have to watch out for mob skills and run back as a sin - while ranger don't have that issue unles special monsters casting special skills which requires you to hide behind objects.


    Also you can't kite melee mobs/elites with sin and with ranger you can. But sins have higher dmg in close range than a ranger with stuns and better stealth too.


    I'd say pick a ranger learn the game and then roll a sin if you don't enjoy it (at least you wont suck as bad as first timers). Or roll both and see which fits your game play. Doesn't take too long to get a char to lvl9 and pick class type.

  • eHugeHug Member UncommonPosts: 261

    If you play for PVP, go assasin. In 3.0 assas get boosted while rangers get nerfed. If you want to be OP, go sorc. Sorc was OP since the first day and will get a "oneshot most players" skill in 3.0.

    For the record, I played ranger, assa, dps cleric, sm and sorc. Sorc was the most easy to play class. Insane survivablity only topped by tanks, crowd control only topped by SM, sick damage only topped by assa. Plus this was the least gear dependend class. I got lots of kills running around in PVE armor which ment sure loss on other classes.

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