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seeking advice....

am seeking a new game.......i currently play priton tale and guild problem is that both games lack in a good item selection for their characters to use in combat......dont like the way guild wars is set up where u only see people in town less they are in your seeking a good mmorpg with some/all of the following......good items (close to diablo 2 style, or at least a lot of items).....good economy similar to the set up in priston tale.......3d camera set up like priston similar to guild wars and priston tale......mage style character.....some quests (not as few as priston tale not as many as guild wars).........

if anyone knows of any mmorpgs which meet these standards plz let me tired of guild wars after 1 week and priston tale after 3.5 months.........i played diablo 2 lod for 5 years......loved it just got old too many hacks bots etc......economy basicly screwed......image


  • TheWarcTheWarc Member Posts: 1,199

    World of Warcraft has a great item selection..

  • Nimrod4154Nimrod4154 Member Posts: 864

    Well if you are really set on this whole item selection thing, I believe EQ has the best of any game that I've ever played, seen, or heard of.


  • zimquatszimquats Member Posts: 301
    I never played EQ but the most useable items Ive ever seen in a MMO was AO.  Although the game lacks in many areas the amount of items is truly unreal and even somewhat overwhelming.  I think the basic game which is dated now should be free until 2006 if I recall.
  • python778python778 Member Posts: 4
    well like i said though its not only the items im looking for.......good items variaty and such is a key part of my search but also want the rest of the things.......a game may not exist with all im looking for but just wanting something close......image
  • ViolentYViolentY Member Posts: 1,458

    I think you would really like World of Warcraft. The graphics style is definately an acquired taste for many, but you'd really like it. It plays a lot like Diablo.

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  • python778python778 Member Posts: 4
    ive looked into it.......its also made by (or in assosiation with) blizzard.....who ran all their games on free servers then went to p2p......since this is the first p2p mmorpg they have made (to my knowlage) i would prefer someone a lil more experianced......might end up giving it a try but doubtful.....
  • Trigget4kTrigget4k Member Posts: 45

    I think you should just give WoW a try becuase like you I really liked D2 and played it for a long time. WoW will be a fun game probably, the begining is a little slow and boring but i had the most fun around high 20s - low 40s. Then you'll get bored out of your mind when you ding 60 then bleed out of your eyeballs every night.. but it's up to you.

  • python778python778 Member Posts: 4
    does wow offer accual quests....doing stuff for npc's?......or still the same quest style as d2?.....
  • zimquatszimquats Member Posts: 301

    lots of quests, the game play is nothing like D2, wow is A mmorpg not just a MOG like D2.  This game is P2P but thats because its not like other blizzzard games.  It has everything that you asked for in your post except for less quests then guild wars part, wow has WAY more. 

    Theres somthing like 2 million subscribers, so you will probly like it.

  • Vitamin_GVitamin_G Member Posts: 27
    After reading what you are looking for in a game I would also reccomend WoW.  Problem with WoW is that its really easy.  I played for 5 months and albiet those 5 months were the best mmorpg experience ever.....  The longevity of this game is very short lived in terms of mmorpgs.

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  • kaiserdee_08kaiserdee_08 Member Posts: 1

    for me priston tale rocks!!! ::::08::::::01::

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