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NewPlayer... A Simple Question

kimahriskimahris Member Posts: 55

First of all... HI.


I was actually wondering what was the newest server to play Aion on. I heard about new server getting release but couldnt find anything on google. I dont mind if its NA or EU version..just trying to figure out where's the newest server to start on.


  • darthwiz67darthwiz67 Member Posts: 11

    well you have two options.  The free to play aion for the EU is coming out soon.  Or you could pay to play in NA.  The option from pay to play only gives you like 4 servers.  I would say just pick one in your time zone so that the forts are not going vulnerable at random times you would be sleeping. 

  • pedrostrikpedrostrik Member UncommonPosts: 396

    Hi , there will be 3 new servers (1 in english, 1 in french another in german languages), and it will be F2P only in europe, but i think they will open late along February, maybe 28, so you need to download the client and get ready as i am for the final open.

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