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Is Guild wars 2 a true mmo?

ausiebornausieborn Member Posts: 4

Honestly seeking information about Guild wars 2.

I played guild wars 1, and recall that it was essentially a single player game with some multiplayer areas. Will guildwars 2 be entirely multiplayer?

The faq on the website seems to be indicating that it would be completely multiplayer but can someone confirm it?



- Ausie -


  • SereliskSerelisk Member Posts: 836

    Yes. Guild Wars 2 will be a large, persistent MMORPG.


    However, Guild Wars 2 will be different from other MMO's in many other respects. I encourage you to further research the game. I suggest you start here.

  • MertzaSkertzMertzaSkertz Member UncommonPosts: 161

    It will be entirely multiplayer persistant world.

  • Gabby-airGabby-air Member UncommonPosts: 3,440

    Yes it is a MMORPG.

  • VolkonVolkon Member UncommonPosts: 3,748

    It's not only an MMORPG... it's the next step in MMORPGs. You'll find...


    A persistant world, where things you and other players do actually stick (don't automatically respawn moments later) until events come along that actually change them.

    No more ! quests. Quests are being fully replaced with at launch over 1500 dynamic events. These events will be happening whether or not you decide to participate or are even there, and the effects of these events, as mentioned above, persist. If centaurs take a town, it stays under centaur control until players actually retake it. Not only that, but the centaurs will begin to reinforce themselves and foray out from their new base causing more mischief.

    No more trinity! Yes, it's true... instead of the archaic tank/healer/dps model prevalent in other MMOs, the trinity effects (damage, control and support) have been moved onto the skills themselves. You'll have skills that primarily damage the enemy, control the enemies ability to damage you, and support your allies. There are also no direct heals of allies meaning everyone will be primarily self-reliant for their heals and will receive buffs and regen boost from allies instead. With no taunting mechanism there will be no tanking as you know it... controlling the enemy will replace a single person tanking. Most skills will have multiple effects, such as causing damage while crippling the enemy. It comes down to using the right skills at the right times based on situational awareness, not starting at little red bars on the UI while you actually miss the fight.

    A flat levelling curve. It'll take about as long to level from 59 to 60, for example, as it did to level from 29 to 30. This actually works well when you consider that:

    No more gear grind! Once you hit level 80, all level 80 gear will be comparable in stats. There will be no treadmill for more and more powerful gear. You can get the "best" gear from pretty much anywhere, be it dungeons, crafting, drops, etc. Ultimately you can have whatever look you want with the best stats. This of course means that skill > gear. The lack of a gear treadmill (and illusion of a lack of endgame) is nicely tied into:

    Side-kicking! In a nutshell, when you go down to lower level areas, you're reduced in power such that these lower level areas are still competitive and a challenge to you. You'll be more powerful than someone at level, of course, simply because you'll have more skills to choose from, more traits, things like that, but you won't be one-shotting everything in the area. Imagine being in WoW at level 85, going to a level 30 zone and you're still at risk of the mobs killing you. What this means is that unlike other games where levelling erects walls behind you as you progress (content no longer becomes a challenge or rewarding), in GW2 all content remains viable. Level 35 explorer mode dungeons are still tough to do at level 80.

    This is only a sample of where GW2 is breaking away from the more traditional MMO mold... there are various threads and sites that can fill you in more. Of course, the blogs at are great reads as well.


    Hopefully you'll find this as intriguing as many. If so, hope to see you in Tyria soon. Betas are rolling along now, the release can't be too far away. :)

    Oderint, dum metuant.

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