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Needs a Big Publisher/Developer to Take the Reigns....

burdock2burdock2 Member UncommonPosts: 420

In essence, this game is awesome.


The premesis, setting and "What they tried to do with it" is fabulous. It all fell down with the execution. What the game needs is a well known Developer/Publisher to take the reigns, take what has already been started (A solid ALPHA) and build on it , adding in perhaps a new game engine, add in copious gore (I want a Spartacus MMO dammit!) and keep the rest intact, with PVP, Auctions Houses, Open World, Mythology and solid quests/content. Then have a large dedicated live team that will continue to sqaush bugs/produce content for the next ten years.


Heres hoping!


  • TerronteTerronte Member Posts: 321

    No chance in Tartarus.

  • KabaalKabaal Member UncommonPosts: 3,042

    Not gonna happen. Even though the game is relatively new it's still very dated in it's mechanics and graphically, something that is usually fine for the eastern world but not in the west.

    Besides, i doubt many publishers would be interested due to how much the current team promised but fell flat on their faces with.

  • jungleninjajungleninja Member UncommonPosts: 206

    It would be great if that would happen....but it wont! This team cant even deliver simple patches! Alot of promises and all that. Not even information! They just cant stop it, because of the lawsuits that would come from the lifers! Thats what I think is the only thing for them to keep the servers up. I guess only master metz is still there, all the others left.

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