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Closure of Chinese servers

avalon1000avalon1000 Member UncommonPosts: 791

This was posted on the LOTRO forums and pretty much sums it up:

The player's condolence statement is as follows (the one who made these screenshots):

Every night, I wished not to go offline of LOTRO, I always held on to my body strain, I just want, to see this earth one more time, there is nothing more important, because, Middle earth, you are going to leave me……..

I wasn’t so sad when I broke up with my lover years ago, because I believed I could find a better companion. However, LOTRO is shutting down, where else could I find this land?

Bree’s rising kitchen smoke, Shire’s blue sky and white cloud, Thorin’s majesty and grandeur, Celondim’s mysterious blue, Lone-lands’ campfire and endless desert, north downs’ undulating hills, Evendim’s ruins, Forochel’s piercing snow and ice, we walked these paths, we laughed and joyed, but now, on the bumping back of my ride, I fall into silence. I devoted too much of my love to this earth, I vainly wish, this is not the last trip……

Many friends, we may even not have a chance to say good bye…….

Once, we laughed and cursed under the bright moon and stars,

Once, we charged towards enemies on the boundless Ettenmoors,

Once, we merrily conversed among thousands of mountains and valleys,

Once, we madly rode when the sky was twisted by storms of yellow sand,

Thank you, for letting me have a dream that couldn’t be more real, I love you, but I will never be able to see you again…..

Several years from now, if someone mentions middle earth in front of me, maybe I’ll only indifferently smile, but he will not see that, even after years, when I look back at this memory, my heart will always be deeply stirred…..


You see some of these games do affect us deeply and for all the complaining we (I) have done the devs did an incredible job of bringing middle earth to life and we are grateful for that. I would have posted on the LOTRO forums in this thread, but I never do anymore since the time their forum server was hacked and game passwords were stolen.


  • BereKinBereKin Member Posts: 287

    Sad and inspired at the same time. 

    Why are they closing those servers anyway?

  • avalon1000avalon1000 Member UncommonPosts: 791

    Because they never made any money at all. The game has been in beta for 2 years. It was as far as the Moria patch, but did not include anything newer.

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