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Well, with all the white noise, there is only one way to see the truth here...



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    Originally posted by dsmart

    Originally posted by rhinok

    I did the same thing over a year ago.  With all the hype, the f2p re-release, negative word-of-mouth, etc..., I figured the only way to really find out about the game was to play it ,so I did.  What I found was a game I enjoyed, but also felt was flawed in a number of significant and obvious ways. I also had serious questions regaring the pay-to-win factor, but Mr. Smart and other staff members were good enough to listen to and respond to my questions. I honestly felt they took my issues seriously and I felt their response alleviated my concern.

    Ultimately, irrespective of the various technical issues that bothered me about the game, what bothered me most was the lack of other players. There just never seemed to be enough other players online for me to play with, ever...  I soloed to 30 and barely saw other players or heard them in chat.  A huge part of playing a MMO is the social interaction; grouping and playing through content can be a great experience, much less simply being able to chat and socialize.  During my play time, that factor was pretty much non-existent.

    Would I play Alganon again?  Sure.  Is there anything really pulling me back into it, especially over any other game that may interest me right now?  Not at all.  I could take it or leave it.

    Indeed - but the CATCH-22 situation is that some people jump in (usually at odd times depending), don't see many others - or don't actually know how to find/contact them - then leave. I've seen that flow for almost two years (next month) now since I took over the company and development.

    Anyway, there are a number of things in the works so I remain optimistic that it will continue to grow - albeit slowly.



    I'm just going to offer a sincere good luck.  You obviously see something special in the product and are gainfully employing people in the industry. 


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