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Exploring vs Instances

I think a poster said it best, if you are looking for that RPG experience, Vanguard has it

If you are tired and exhausted of running instances, and rather explore dungeons Vanguard is it

Is the populations low, sure, but you make the game what you make it to be.  Personally, I love harvesting and  in the larger scheme of the gaming market I keep returning to Vanguard, who knows why but when I sit and actually take the time to read a quest listen to the sounds, explore and unknown area and enjoy the immersion, Vanguard cannot be beat.  Just my two cents my name is Truah and hit me up in game, and btw the way I am not a fan of trial isle, I think it sucks bad, oh well, I usually play evening east coast after 9pm usually till midnight. Later peeps


  • FrostWyrmFrostWyrm Member Posts: 1,036

    I tried Vanguard when it first launched. Unfortunately the game was doomed with a rocky production process, which led to a rocky launch, and was followed by a rocky takeover by SoE, and a rocky change from the original design.

    It was a great idea that met with too much bad luck starting out, and it shows today. I tried the game again roughly 2 years ago and it was not only empty, but felt like it had been dumbed down since launch. I was a bit sad. I really wanted this game, and Sigil's vision of it, to succeed.

  • gexz7gexz7 Member Posts: 131

    I think the phrase dumbed down is a tad harsh, if what you mean is it a tad easier then it was yes, however it is still more engaging from a combat perspective with difficulty that exceeds by a long shot any other mmo on the market that is not a grind fest, so in this example sure its been dumbed down slighly


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