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Not so free pizza

OmiragOmirag Member UncommonPosts: 276

Every step of your download of this game is full of them trying to attach on other downloads like real player and weather bug. After trying to win my free pizza, I could not even get past some of the advertisement downloads so I just quit trying to get through. I am not even sure if this is a game or a scam. 

But there sure as hell is no pizza at the end of this tunnel.



  • RemainsRemains Member UncommonPosts: 375

    "Hot and tasty event! Free pizza every 5 mins! Get yours now!"

    Ye, gotta say thats one of the weirdest MMO ads I've ever seen. image

    Dammit, now I gotta go get a pizza!

  • dreamga001dreamga001 Member Posts: 1

    It is weird ad. but it make me hungry.

    I wonder that they are going to do it again.

  • ekrxjvkqvjekrxjvkqvj Member Posts: 7

    mmm pizzas

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