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MxO the best thing to happen to MMO's ?



  • ZhanghiaZhanghia Member UncommonPosts: 1,312

    Originally posted by Elnator
    Originally posted by ste2000
    Originally posted by scaramoosh SOE brought it but i still don't see any drastic changes to the gameDo you mean that they didn't started nerfing yet?Give them some time, SoE needs a bit of time to completely fuck a game. image

    I find it hillarious that people bash SOE.
    Name one game that SOE has produced that hasn't been profitable and successful.

    They bought MxO to get the licence to the DC engine. I suspect they'll either let it die or monkey with it a bit. But I seriously doubt they have any real intention to do much with the game.

    EverQuest: Lords

  • FroztwolfFroztwolf Member Posts: 56

    To add to the SOE bashing discussion:

    They mostly make good games (good, not great), at least those I have tried have been better then a lot of what you see out there. However, their support and general management framework is horrible. I have had a very bad and costly experience with them myself and know a lot of others who have as well.
    I participated in load testing for MxO and at the risk of sounding shallow I actually liked it and intended on playing it this winter. As soon as I heard SOE was taking it over I cancelled those plans. They will not get any more of my money unless they manage to produce a game so spectacular that its worth all the hassle of dealing with them. image 

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