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StaleBagelStaleBagel Member Posts: 19

A long time ago during the Great Curse war a man once said there are three great forces in the Universe, the mighty alliances with thier majestic fleets of power, the crafty and feared pirates preying on the weak and strong alike, and then there are the outlaws, bound by a hope and will of thier own to carve their destiny's among the stars, not bound by the laws of the police, but bound by a simple courage and brotherhood that can withstand the blows of any fleet or incursions by any pirate. We are the latter, we are of the Outlaw breed bound by our begginings. If you are tired of your megacorp, tired of being alone, tired of knowing your destiny but can't achieve it where you are, home is calling, Outlaw Bound shall be your home.

We are a newly formed corporation with ties belonging to the Stain Alliance, as we are all once members, that still proudly serve our home galaxies and will serve our allegances to her forever.

We are searching for daring pilots that are searching to make their destinys known, to make a difference among the stars. Contact any of the members ingame or Cloud Strife the CEO for information on the corporation.

Once in the corporation you will see many benifits, more than most members of megacorps will ever see, we share an uncommon comradery, and an uncommon bond that allows us to withstand any change. We have experienced what happens when corporations get too big, and those things will not happen here.

Our recruiting office is located at : Agil VI Moon 2 - CONCORD Logistics Support

Also if you want to drop us a line drop by our forums at:

*Believe In yourself and create your own destiny, Dont fear fate*- Gene Starwind, Outlaw Star

"I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by"


  • scars87scars87 Member Posts: 234
    Cool, I will make sure I talk to your CEO.


  • ZeroDepthZeroDepth Member Posts: 142

    I know one of your members, Wanna Kill :)

    I'll think about joining you guys, but I'll see how my application for EDF goes.

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