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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning: New Version Goes Live



  • SyrusSyiSyrusSyi Member Posts: 366

    Man i really want to play this game but is it still worth the 15$ to play ? or would it be better and wait and see if it goes f2p?


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  • ZuuzZuuz Member Posts: 44

    After the major dissapointment that was SWTOR pvp I went back to this and didn't regret it for one moment. Pvping from lvl 1-40, enjoying my time leveling up and a great community (a small one, as stated over and over and over again, but nonetheless). This game really doesn't deserve the horrible reputation it has now - but I suppose most people formed their opinion and won't look back

  • ThemePorkThemePork Member Posts: 312

    Originally posted by Voiidiin

    ...unless Mythick/Bioware/EA adds in a third faction, i could never go back to playing this game again, and that is pretty much never going to happen.

    Good point. The combat is still one of the best out there imo, so in situations where faction imbalance doesn't matter (scenarios) it's still a great game, if you're into that sort of stuff.

  • DignaDigna Member UncommonPosts: 1,994

    I enjoyed the game and hoped for more. Have gone back 2Xs for a month at a time and have max level toons waiting. I don't think I could go back again though. Too be a disappointment overall. *shrug*

  • Postal13Postal13 Member Posts: 94

    Originally posted by Clerigo

    The game that broke my heart. 


    Mine too.

    It could have been a contender.

    Cunfushus says "Only through wasting time do we realize that time should not be wasted."

  • smh_alotsmh_alot Member Posts: 976
    I was just wondering, did this game ever get a proper expansion? AoC had one a few years ago and was released the same time period. LotrO got one too within 2 years or so after release. Or did WAR get content updates like CoX and CO got?
  • xpanderxpander Member Posts: 13

    Land of the Dead was the only "major" content update and it was back in march 2010.

    after that we have seen just few bits here and there. old content revamped and few "new" scenarios (scenarios that mostly were done during the development of the game but werent put into the final game or finished totally).

    still i think this game offers the best RvR experience on the market atm. ok well DAOC also.

    after reading some posts in the forums about 1.4.5 patch and the fortresses ..it seems that its the time to try this game again.

  • VorthanionVorthanion Member RarePosts: 2,713

    Why don't they just make DAoC 2 already.  They got more things right with DAoC than they can ever hope to achieve with WAR.

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