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hyrulezhyrulez Member Posts: 31

ive recently ordered my rig on the 19th and its suppose to arrive this friday (2/3). i was just wondering if anybody has gotten anything from there and how long did it take u to receive it? i havent even received a ups tracking number or anything.



  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 7,076

    ~Most~ people who order from them are generally pretty happy. There are a good number of nightmare stories that I've heard too...

    Now, people are more likely to post if they are pissed about something than they are if they are satisfied (unless they are ~very~ satisfied), but here's 208 reviews of customers, many of which talk about the same thing your experiencing.


  • hyrulezhyrulez Member Posts: 31

    lol that diddnt answer my question at all

  • NeptusNeptus Member UncommonPosts: 988

    When i ordered my notebook from them in 08', It was supposed to be delivered on my birthday of that year. 24th of Sept, actually arrived around the 31st. Not cyberpowerpc's fault, that is fedex's or USPS's fault.

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  • DannyGloverDannyGlover Member Posts: 1,277

    I have ordered two desktops from them in the past and they were delivered on time. Good company. They have good deals and their pc's are put together pretty well. Only complaint is the fans in the tower cooling units seemed rickety. But all I had to do was tighten up some screws and it was fine.

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  • FlaebFlaeb Member Posts: 91

    Funny, mine should be here in a couple of days. They are usually on time, maybe a couple days late if anything. They generally can get backed up.


    I always buy from them, you are paying very slightly more money  if you compare them and building your own, and MUCH less hassle. For some reason, I hate waitng for every single part to arrive to build my own.

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