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Brief Explanation of Cities

NomiMNomiM Member Posts: 21

Here is a mini-guide explaining what cities are what -- you already have a lot on your plate when you're making a character, reading each helpfile for all 6 cities can be a little much at first. Here's a brief guide explaining what each city stands for:


Ashtan: Freedom, Chaos. No Good, no Evil. Currently opposing Good (and anyone who provokes them)

Eleusis: Nature. No Good, no Evil. Currently opposing Evil (and anyone who hurts Nature)

Mhaldor: Evil. Currently opposing Good and Nature.

Shallam: Good. Currently opposing Chaos, and a little bit of Evil.

Hashan: Neutral - Evil. Currently opposing nothing.

Cyrene: Neutral - Good. Currently opposing nothing.


If you want a "good" character like a Paladin, Shallam is definitely the way to go.

If you want a crazy tree-jumping jungle warrior, Eleusis is the way to go.

If your "perfect character" is more like a dark knight with glowing red eyes, join Mhaldor.

If you like having few RP restrictions on what you can do, join Ashtan.

Hashan and Cyrene have little to no conflict, so PvPers will find them boring, but RP-buffs may enjoy them as well.


Hope this was a little helpful!


  • xxKoalaluvxxKoalaluv Member Posts: 6

    thanks for this! I settled on a shallamese druid :) very friendly community so far

  • VaehlVaehl Member Posts: 12

    Yeah, Shallam and Eleusis are really friendly but...cuddly.

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