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Hello guys I just saw one of the coolest game coming out there isnt a name for it but this is the site this game has over 500 in game job! thats crazy! Over 100weapons! be all sorts of things! just goto this site or contact the man him self at msn:[email protected]



thank you have a good one!


  • psydexpsydex Member Posts: 187
    I'll look forward to when HBO contacts him for false advertisement :P
  • sysdevjasysdevja Member Posts: 46
    what are you on about HBO? the games realy mate, im new to the forums and ive already foudn out every ones nasty, no ones ever nice (no offence to nice users) all im doign is making a game!
  • paradymeparadyme Member Posts: 238

    Wow what a cute little piece of Vaporware, I can't believe u guys took all that time to make that nice looking site and didn't even have ONE screenshot and the models you do have arnt even clickable and are prolly punked from a 3D web artist forum, post anything in your forums, put your FAQ through a spelling and grammer check and have no information about your company and who's publishing, marketing and distributing the game.

    Good luck in your career in web development tho.

  • sysdevjasysdevja Member Posts: 46

    maybe we dont put screens up, becuase that isnt our offical website


    Join us now! E3 awaits us next summer!

  • mphilipsmphilips Member Posts: 24

    While I'd be happy for you if you managed to fully make and release this game and get some sort of fan base, I have to admit I'd be very surprised.

    You are planning on using RC are you not? The engine hasn't been released to the public yet, and while the devs do make it sound nice and all, it would suck imo if you planned all this out, made all the models and found out that RC doesn't meet your expectations.

    Maybe they'll surprise us though, I just can't see an engine for that price being able to compete with much out there.

    But anyway, I hope it works out for you ::::28::

  • sysdevjasysdevja Member Posts: 46
    yeah that would suck wouldnt it? well lucky for us we have asked the devs what we want and so far so good, all can be done,  so im one step ahead mate!
  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    The main contact email address is a hotmail account. That screams either:

    a) Naivte
    b) Incompetance
    c) Fraud
    d) All of the Above

  • sysdevjasysdevja Member Posts: 46

    well if you want to contact me on my company address do so

    [email protected]

    i just thought my personal one would be a faster response



  • sysdevjasysdevja Member Posts: 46

    this is what i mean, everyone. and u can see that in the above post (above mine), all they do is argue like little kids, and also just plane nasty every god dam time!


    why cant you players have some goodness to you!

    what is wrong with you

    just becuase i post a temp site, and my personal email dosnt have to say im a fraud?

    i have over 4 years experiance behind me in programming, moddelling, concept design, level and art design.

    i suggest you sort yourselfs out


    you all should be ashammed, its appauling to see people (gamers) act like this!

  • psydexpsydex Member Posts: 187

    Originally posted by sysdevja
    what are you on about HBO? the games realy mate, im new to the forums and ive already foudn out every ones nasty, no ones ever nice (no offence to nice users) all im doign is making a game!

    You are using the HBO series pictures of Sopranos for the game. If you go to the HBO site it says you cannot use these photos for profit or false advertisement....I wish you best of luck with the game since i've defended numerous private games on the forums. I would also suggest using the best engine available at the moment (Torque Engine) since it's actually already out, theres no way you can make it to E3 in a year waiting on an engine. My two cents.



  • sysdevjasysdevja Member Posts: 46
    what serpranos? we only have the banner? no serpranos, just a city, a 2 pics as photogrpahs?
  • RazorbackRazorback Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 5,253

    You are unfortunately suffering the consequences of the many Vapourware presentations we have had rammed down our throats in the past 12 months. To say that many of us are "jaded" would be an understantement.

    The bright side though is that if you are indeed genuine, you will find this community the best free promotion your game can possibly recieve. But be under no illusions, the members of this site can make or break a product depending on how we are treated.

    Dont make the same mistake as the Devs and Managers of many other games by coming down to the level of the lowest posters. Take a leaf from Roma Victor's book. Keep professional and focussed in your communications and you cant go wrong. Start responding to every nay sayer around here and you will never stop.

    I wish you all the best with your project as I for one would like to see a Mafia type MMO succeed. image

    "MMOs, for people that like think chatting is like a skill or something, rotflol"
    "Far away across the field, the tolling of the iron bell, calls the faithful to their knees. To hear the softly spoken magic spell" Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon

  • DinionDinion Member Posts: 879

    As always I agree with Razorback, might as well put that in my sig.

    EDIT: hmm maybe I should say a bit more than that. I've been a fan of alot of now dead MMOs, I've seen more small business MMOs go belly up than I have seen succeed. Sorry if the bandwagon is empty but when you start hyping a game thats only a concept with a few models not many are going to be optimistic, because we have seen the same thing a thousand times before and 99% of those never even made it to the development stage.

    Good luck and I hope you succeed, originality is very welcome in my book.

    MMOs Retired From: Earth and Beyond, Project Entropia, There, A Tale in the Desert, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft, Eve Online, City of Heroes/Villains.

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